Saturday, July 7, 2012

Any Islamic Nation, specifically Pakistan, can not even be a Worthy Enemy, leave alone a Friend.

Our dumb-fuck politicians under "guidance" from their "clever" masters keep attempting "friendship" with Pakistan. It is not even a pipe dream! It is a poisonously suicidal venture.

India's foreign policy, if at all it can ever be called a policy, has always been delusional. Under the specter of Mohandas and Jawahar we pursued "Non-violence" and "Non-alignment" which were nothing but "Violence inflicted on oneself" and "Socialism" respectively. Further, this only meant compromising Hindu-interests. On reaching the verge of bankruptcy, we flipped from Socialism to Crony-Capitalism.

Hindus have avoided uncalled for aggression over eons and need no sermons on non-violence. Hindus, therefore, must reserve the rights to pre-emptive aggression. While we need the right for pre-emptive strike, what do our politicians indulge in? Policies like No-First-Use! With the kind of nukes Pakistan has, will India be even in a position to strike after it has been struck? More delusions!

Before we try to befriend Pakistan, we must understand Pakistan. And before we understand Pakistan, we need to understand Islam! Islam is a poisonously dangerous ideology as far as non-Muslims are concerned. Hindus, in the view of Islam, are idol-worshipping polytheists. Islam commands its followers to kill or convert such peoples. And Islam commands to use any means whatsoever, fair or foul, aggression or deception, to achieve this goal. The doctrines of Taqqiyya are well known and have been applied by Islamic people time and again throughout their history.

Islam considers all religions other than itself as illegitimate (read not worthy of existence and therefore must be destroyed). Thus, it advocates death penalty for apostasy (leaving Islam). Hence, not only can there be no "freedom of religion" in Islam; that besides all other religions are considered to be illegitimate (to be destroyed by any means fair or foul). Against Islam, non-violence is no strategy or policy! It is merely another word for meek surrender, and the resultant suicide.

Such is the case for a run of the mill Islamic nation. The cases of Pakistan and Bangladesh are worse. Pakis and B'deshis, like most others, are progeny of those ancestors who converted under grave duress as a result of violent tortures and rape. However, the compounding problem is that these fools take pride in claiming to be descendants of mass-murderers and rapists! Thus a typical Pakistani Muslim imagines himself to be of Arab blood, while the whole of middle east considers him to be trash! There are a few Pakistanis who are trying to educate Pakistanis about this, however they are still deluded about the nature of Islam (for example Tarek Fatah). So while their criticisms of two-nation theory, Arab descent, and such hideous concepts must be appreciated, their willful ignorance regarding the nature of Islam must remind us to exercise utmost caution in trusting what they propose.

Of course, a politician with even an iota of common sense won't need such comprehensive explanations. The behavior of both Pakistan and Bangladesh towards India and Hindus has been despicable to say the least. Unfortunately our "great" politicians, barring possibly few exceptions, don't have even such an iota of common sense! Thus there is a great drive among Indian politicians to have "friendship" with Pakistan and Bangladesh. Mohandas tried befriending Islam and failed. Jawahar tried befriending Pakistan and failed. Indira Gandhi thought Bangladesh would be a "friend", and she failed. Gujral tried his doctrine (unilateral backside offering!) and failed. The Hindutva "hero" Hajpeyi tried and failed. The only minor exception was, surprisingly, P V Narasimha Rao who declared from the Red Fort that the only task remaining was to regain the PoK! For how long are we going to try the same thing over and over again?

Pakistan and Bangladesh must clearly be told that they must first learn to be a worthy and decent enemy. At the moment, even the Chinese aren't that. India has to junk its false sense of "I-am-the-responsible-neighbor" attitude and realize that as a nation it first has to become responsible for the safety and security of its own citizens! The present lot of anti-Hindu appeaser politicians will never realize this. Hindus will need to force these politicians to become sensitive to the sensibilities of the Hindus. Or better still, they must outrightly reject all such anti-Hindu politicians and elect (become) Hindu-sensitive politicians.


  1. Even "Atheists" consider Islam as dangerous!

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