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Jinnah and Jawahar: Islamic-Pakistan a Failed State; Secular-India becoming One?

The names Jinnah and Jawahar tend to evoke strong responses. Pakistanis/Muslims love him and hate Jawahar; while Indians/Hindus are told to adore Jawahar and hate Jinnah. In our opinion, both were anti-Hindus; Jinnah inasmuch as he was pro-Muslims and Jawahar was directly anti-Hindu.

Jinnah and Jawahar were both ambitious and their ambitions were in conflict (both wanted to be the PM of undivided India). Mohandas played the spoil sport for Jinnah by siding with Jawahar. Jawahar, despite being anti-Hindu could project himself as an heir to Mohandas because he had a Hindu name and Mohandas was pretentiously projecting himself as a Hindu Saint.

Jinnah who had for sometime given up on his political ambitions returned with a new idea. Jinnah decided - he possibly had no other option - to pursue the Muslim-identity path. We also note that when Jinnah sought a division of the "property", he most probably thought (if we give him generous amount of benefit of the doubt): "I will lead my portion, let Jawahar lead the other portion, and I will ensure that my portion performs better than Jawahar's portion". Be that as it may, he took Allama Iqbal as his Mohandas equivalent. A religion-based two-nation theory took shape.

The Two-nation theory was based on the idea that Hindus and Muslims can not live together and Muslims will never get justice in a Hindu majority India. We need to understand this theory in a broader setting. Firstly we need to underline that Islam can not co-exist peacefully with non-Islam. This establishes that Hindus and Muslims can not live together. Secondly, for a Muslim (for Islam), the mere existence of a non-Muslim anywhere is an injustice to Islam! Thus, in the eyes of a Muslim, so long as there is any non-Muslim living anywhere there is injustice being done to Islam. Thus, this precipitates in the doctrine of eternal conflict between Islam and non-Islam. The notions of Dar-al-Harb and Dar-al-Islam have been well documented. The dream of Islam is to bring the whole world under the rule of Islam. 

Thus Jinnah, who although for his own selfish reasons propounded the two-nation theory, did a great service to Hindus by demanding a separation between Muslims and Hindus.  Mohandas and such fools, on the other hand, opposed this two-nation theory. However, being dumb-fucks, they opposed the theory on the supposition that peaceful coexistence between Islam and non-Islam was possible, not realizing that this was impossible.

Another interesting albeit debatable fact is that while Jinnah emphasized the two-nation theory, which was based on religious grounds, he  allegedly wanted Pakistan to be a Secular Democracy. This was utter stupidity or despicable hypocrisy or both. For Islam and Secular Democracy is a contradiction! Also, Iqbal is alleged to have retracted his support for a separate nation, however that is irrelevant to the discussion here. Both Jinnah and Jawahar were dumb-fucks who fed themselves with the political ideas from the west (therefore the fascination with Secularism and Socialism). They had no appreciation or understanding of their traditional home, Sanatana Dharma. And despite leading aristocratic lives themselves, always preached Socialism. Anyway, while Iqbal was pro-Islam, Mohandas was a big hypocrite and anti-Hindu.  Further owing to the "mentors", viz., Iqbal and Mohandas, while Pakistan (Jinnah's portion) became Islamic, India (Jawahar's portion) became "Secular" (read anti-Hindu). 

In the end, despite the drama of Secularism, on the basis of religion-based two-nation theory, Jinnah got Pakistan, which was full of Muslims, and thus Pakistan became Islamic. On the other hand, Jawahar got Hindus (mostly) with him and he thrust "Secularism" down their throat. Jinnah's Pakistan failed not because Jinnah was a fool, but because Islam was doomed to fail. And India has survived until now not because of Secularism, rather despite Indian Secularism and its inherent anti-Hindu nature. This good fortune has been possible because Hinduism has immense internal strength. 

Let us conduct a few thought experiments. Assume for the moment that Jinnah was a Hindu and became PM of Hindus and Jawahar was a Muslim and became PM of the Muslims. Had that happened, Pakistan would have collapsed within 5-10 years; and India would possibly be in not much different a state. Similarly, if we assume for the sake of argument that Jinnah was a Christian and propped up two-nation theory with Christians in place of Muslims, he would have got Christistan. This Christistan would have been much better than Pakistan, simply because Christianity, in many respects especially after reforming itself, is much better compared to Islam.

So, in our opinion, Jinnah was right in his adherence to the two-nation theory although his reasons were wrong. He projected as if Muslims would never get justice in a non-Muslim state, while the fact of the matter is that non-Muslims never get even a semblance of justice in a Muslim state. And this indeed happened and is happening to those unlucky non-Muslims who stay in Pakistan. In that sense, the separation which happened between Muslims and Hindus (non-Muslims) in 1947 was a good thing. The bad part was that owing to Mohandas and Jawahar, this separation did not happen comprehensively. We have written about this here.

Thus, the dumb-fuckery of Advani and Jaswant Singh lies not just in praising Jinnah, but rather in praising Jinnah for the wrong reasons. Jinnah might have been more competent than Jawahar and yet the nation he founded failed within decades of its birth because it was based on Islam and consisted of Muslims! Jinnah might have wanted to save Muslims from Islam through Secularism (like the Christian nations saved themselves from the Church through Secularism), however he failed in that effort. Jawahar on the other hand wanted to destroy Hindus in the name of Secularism. Jawahar, being inferior in intellect, failed to recognize that while people needed to be saved from Islam and Christianity through the use of Secularism; Hindus needed to be saved from Secularism!

Thus we must understand the following:

1. Both Jinnah and Jawahar were competing for the coveted post of PM.

2. Mohandas was the evil manipulator who projected himself as a Hindu-saint and sided with Jawahar in the battle of ambitions between Jinnah and Jawahar.

3. In his counter-move Jinnah based his case on the two-nation theory, which was right though for reasons contrary to those which were cited. He used Allama Iqbal as his Mohandas-equivalent.

4. Jinnah may have been a better human being as well as more intelligent compared to Jawahar - Remember that it is hardly difficult to be a better human being and more intelligent compared to an evil moron like Jawahar - However he had to bear the burden of his constituency, that is, of Muslims.

5. We would hardly ever know what would have happened had Mohandas not sided with anyone. 

6. Pakistan failed not because of Jinnah but because Pakistan was founded on Islam and consisted of Muslims who wanted to establish an Islamic State.

7. India is surviving not because of Jawahar and Secularism, rather India is surviving in spite of Jawahar and Secularism. Jawahar was an evil dumb fuck who benefited from inheriting a Hindu majority nation. India is surviving because of its majority Hindu population. However, we should not take survival for granted.

8. Secularism may be used to save people from Islam and Christianity, for Secularism is better than Islam and Christianity, however Secularism is worse than Hinduism and is dangerous to Hinduism.

9. Hindus need to be saved from Mohandasian non-violence and Jawaharian Secularism. Please note that Secularism itself is bad, but Jawaharian Secularism is infinitely worse.

10. Most importantly we must not over look that India has not failed until now only because of Hinduism. However, the more we become Secular the closer we get to Failure.

Thus even while we perceive impending disintegration and failure of Pakistan, we should not be foolish to ignore the dangers of India's failure that looms large over us. Pakistan may have failed more than 75% already, however, India too has failed about more than 40%. We Hindus need to girdle up our loins and fight against Mohandasian non-violence, Jawaharian Secularism and Socialism. We have proposed outlines of such plans earlier here, here, here and here.

Also, both Jinnah and Jawahar were anti-Hindus. While Jinnah worked for Muslims, Jawahar set in motion his heinous agendas which continue to screw the Hindus. Any effort to save Hindus, therefore, must begin with a comprehensive rejection of Mohandasian non-violence as well as Secularism (even more so Jawaharian Secularism).

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