Friday, July 27, 2012

Gutter Mouth DogVijay Singh Speaks on Communalism, Ignores State Incompetence!

What, in your expectation, will come out of the gutter? Fecal matter, you'd reply at once. So it is. The DogVijay Singh has opened his gutter mouth and ejected the same stuff again. This time accusing the BJP of communalizing Assam Violence (see here and here). The turd-between-the-ears preceptor of Congress's blue-gene prince forgets conveniently that it is people of his ilk who have given "inverse communal color" to Gujarat's anti-Hindu police action in 2002. Recall that about 250 Hindus died in police action. The dead were among the people who were protesting peacefully against the monsters who had torched sleeping travelers of Sabarmati Express wherein the travellers included significant numbers of senior citizens, women and children. Anti-Hindu parties have termed even a peaceful protest against such blatant anti-Hindu violence as pogrom against the minorities! Such is the poison of Secularism.

The people who, since the time of their ancestors whose illegitimate intellectual progeny they are, have been worried about Fascism and Nazism while callously, conveniently and completely ignoring the massacre of about 80,000,000 Hindus and equally large number of rape-victims among Hindus by the practitioners of "religion-of-peace" Islam. Not to forget the Goan inquisitions and Churchian atrocities on the Hindus. And, dear readers, we need to remember that the onslaught is ongoing with anti-Hindu state and media support.

The problem of illegal immigrants in Assam has been known for a long time. The whole movement of Akhil Assam Gana Sangram Parishad had started on this plank, and DogVijay's Don, the father of DogVijay's hallowed student, had signed an accord with them. Immigration is a problem, and illegal immigration is a bigger problem. 

On one hand, atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh makes them flee their countries and seek refuge in India in exactly the same manner as Hindus from the Indian-state of Kashmir are forced to seek refuge in their own mother nation. The followers of religion of peace are indulging in ethno-religious cleansing of their countries. The gutter-mouth and his ilk are too scared to talk on those issues, calling this rabid fear their "sensitivity" for minority sentiment.

On the other hand, Muslim-immigrants, legal as well as illegal, from Pakistan as well as from Bangladesh, are entering India only to wage a Jihad against one of the oldest, if not the oldest, religions in the world. And lo and behold, even a token resistance against this Islamic expansion is being termed as an attack on "Secularism" and being called "Communalization of the issue"!

The central question to ask is: What does the State exist for, if not at the very least, to protect its citizens againt foreign invasion? If DogVijay's heart bleeds so much for the Muslim refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh, then why does he not spend a fraction of his own money and spend it on charities in those countries from where the Muslims are emigrating? And we emphasize the term "his own money" which we are sure is minscule. Most of his wealth, that he otherwise claims to own, is only the shadow of the ill gotten money that he and his illegitimate siblings have stashed in foreign banks.

We repeat: What does the State exist for, if not at the very least, to protect againt foreign invasion

Is Mao secessionism OK because it is in a BJP ruled state? Binayak Sen would comfort his behind on a membership of the National Advisory Committee, a committee which comprises of the strange bedfellows of the UPA chair-person. Is Kashmir secessionsim OK because it is being done by Muslims? Arundhati Roy, the spokesperson of the separatists, will be mollycoddled. Was Bhindrenwale OK because he was in an Akali Dal ruled state? And then did he turn into a "terrorist" because he turned against Indira Gandhi? Was Bodo agitation OK till it was against Akhil Akham Gana Sangram Parishad government? Has it become Evil now because it is in a Congress ruled state? 

Mr. DogVijay Singh, and you politicians of the Evil ilk, must understand that when the State fails to protect the rights of its citizens, it loses its legitimacy. You can not run a government as corrupt as your Manmohan Singh is running - Manmohan Singh who is a self-appointed-epitome-of-cleanliness while in actuality he is a leader of the pack of one of the most Evil and Corrupt government in India (second possibly only to Jawahar's government) - and yet accuse people of sedition if they protest. You can not call a Kejriwal a separatist for his suggestion that people should refuse to pay taxes. Kejriwal is infected with the poison of Secularism and that is bad enough, but you will never fault him on that, for you are infected with the same poison. You would not notice the "communalism" of the news that "Muslim MP's across all political parties combine to protest againt the 'Assam violence'". You and your ilk never combined together to protest againt the burning of the coaches of the Sabarmati Express, never staged a protest againt the killing of 250 Hindus by the Gujarat police. And of course you would call it Jawaharian ideal of Secularism.

Mr. DogVijay Singh, you and your ilk deserve on your heads loads and loads of what you have between your ears, namely undiluted poisonous fecal matter. And that would only be a trailor of the beginning of the trailor of the full movie to come. Ishwara that you do not believe in won't protect you and the Allah that you believe in can't protect you.


  1. The Dub Fuck Dogvijay and the Owl eyed Loon Seebal still blocking the blog?? Coments not going??

  2. Dogvijay or better Pigvijay Rat's Bastardized family has a chequered history of traitorism.
    1. His gutter blooded relative Narakwasi Arjun singh (even hell would be stinking) saved the skin of the white skinned bf of his daughter warren anderson after the Bhopal genocide by UCC on orders of Italian imposter
    2. His gutter born ancestors the traitors sided with british against 1857 revolutionaries specially Rani Lakshmibai, who almost beheaded one of his gutter ancestors.The bastard escaped like a coward that this dirty gened family is, by hiding in shit carried away
    3.His filthy ancestors (if they were not mixed blood then) fought against Hindus, side by side with their Allah, Aurangzeb and Butchered the Satnamis savagely. GREAT CHATTRASAL wiped them in revenge and his gutter born ancestors id in gutters when he was alive
    4. NO DOUBT PIGVIJAY fathers supplied money to Jinnah to divide India and only on the threat of wiping of all of them by THE GREAT SARDAR PATEL did they join India (In hindsight he should have done that anyway)


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