Saturday, July 14, 2012

Narendra Modi's ignorance ... on Mohandas

The more we notice the rampant, callous and dangerous ignorance in our politicians, the more we feel compelled to repeat our clarion call to the Hindus. While murderously anti-Hindu Secularist and evil farthest-left Socialist politicians never tire of screaming the patent falsehood that Modi is "extreme-right-wing" "Hindutwa-vadi"; we are deeply worried about Modi's increasing anti-Hindu pro-Mohandas leanings. We not only suspect his "right-wing-ness" (Crony-Capitalism is NOT right-wing), we have also questioned his pro-Hindu-ness. Recall that he has not apologized for the 250 Hindus killed by the Gujarat Police.

Many self annointed Hindutva-vadis already exist in the obscenely large number of Mohandasian-Jawaharian anti-Hindus. Starting with the wind-bag Hajpeyi to the latest additions of Keshubhai and Sanjay Joshi.

Keshubhai is betraying senility by worrying about Modi's autocratic reign of fear. Keshubhai seems to prefer Islamic reign of terror and fear, a la Mumbai 26/11. If this is not senility, we do not know what is.

Does Keshubhai have the guts or even merely the clarity, to say that Modi has been unable to evoke sufficient terror and fear in the hearts of Islamic Terrorists?

Sanjay Joshi is orchestrating his supporters, notwithstanding his own hypocritical and false denials, to publish posters in his own favor and against Modi. Funnily, most posters read "Tute man se koi bada nahin hota ... Kaho Dil Se Sanjay Joshi Phir Se", meaning "None becomes greater by breaking hearts, Say with heart we want Sanjay Joshi again". Sanjay Joshi and his morons have forgotten that a similar attempt to keep the "heart" united led to a Bloody Massacre during Partition of India. The land mass with India did NOT increase with that partition. Despite losing that land mass, we gained no peace. And this moron Sanjay Joshi wants to embrace the same Islam-appeasing Secularism.
Does Sanjay Joshi have the clarity or even merely the heart to say that he did not mind his heart being broken so long as India, as the land for Hindus, remained unbroken?

Have Keshubhai or Sanjay Joshi, notwithstanding their RSS association, ever said that however much they might oppose Modi they oppose Mohandas, Jawahar, Secularism even more? Have they ever said that their allegiance is to Hindus and their opposition to Modi is under a Hindu umbrella. And we emphasize: "Hindu" umbrella, and not the Namby Pamby Hindutva of truly-Secular morons. 

Mark our words, such platitude rattlers are shameless and ruthless power seekers who - never mind how "simple" they are in their clothings and visible life-styles - will compromise Hindu interests for their personal survival. Yes, being RSS pracharaks they may have some goodness in their hearts, but their heads, especially as far as Hindu-interests are concerned, are completely empty, nay poison-filled!

So much so for the suckers, but what does the alleged "terror-inspiring extreme-right-wing Hindutwa-vadi" do? He credits Gujarat's success to Mohandasian model (see here)! 

Worse still he thunders:  

The change in Gujarat happened because every Gujarati feels that he is part of the development process. The freedom struggle existed even before Gandhi. But it was Gandhi who made it a mass movement and made every individual aware of his role in the freedom struggle. He made even simple actions like weaving, sweeping and boycott of foreign clothes relevant to freedom struggle. Similarly Gujarat's success lies in public participation," said Modi.

Mr. Narendra Modi, you must read the following carefully! 

Mohandas DID NOT make freedom struggle a mass movement, rather he was foisted upon the mass movement by clever British Public Relation Machinery to strengthen the counter-revolution called Congress.

If Modi does not realize that then he must be like those Gujju regionalism afflicted who think that Morarji Desai, the man who undermined India's nuclear program and intelligence services RAW, was a great PM. Such a Modi can never incite fear in the opponents of Hindus, rather he is well on his way to compromise Hindu-interests.

Mr. Modi, learn at the very least from Ramdas and certainly  not from Mohandas! If you do not know enough Hinduism, know at least this much of Islam. Know that Islam seeks to exterminate non-Islam and wants to bring the whole world under Islamic rule. We do not know if even Ramdas appreciated that but Modandas certainly did not, nay he callously ignored it. If you do not understand this simple reality then you too are one of those cuckoo-brained demagogues who advocate mass suicide to Hindus.

Dear readers, do you appreciate why we repeatedly and untiringly emphasize (see here and here) that Modi is NOT pro-Hindu. The only saving grace for him is that he is the least anti-Hindu among the present lot (rot?) of politicians. We wish him well, but he too needs to be beware and improve! However, a Hindu political resurgence (see here) and vertical split in Indian political theater (see here) are the need of the hour.

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