Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The One Good Thing That Pratibha Patil Did: She was Opposed!

Pratibha Patil has not been spared of her quota of controversies. She will be rated as one of the worst Presidents India has had until now. Nonetheless, we must give even the Devil its due. We do not think that she would be remembered for anything other than being the first woman President of India. However, we think that she should rather be remembered for something that is more memorable than that. Thus, for our readers, we recall a good deed done by her, except that she did it not as a President but as a Presidential candidate.

In a function which she attended, the following was reported:

Patil was in Udaipur to attend a function held to mark the 467th birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap. When addressing the gathering, she said: "Maharana Pratap always ensured that women had a status in society. Women have always been respected in the Indian culture. The purdah system was introduced to protect them from the Muslim invaders. However, times have changed. India is now independent and hence, the systems should also change."

We would like to remind that when she referred to "Indian Culture", she meant "Hindu Culture". This becomes obvious since in the subsequent sentence she spoke about the cause as "protection from Muslim Invaders". Had Shiv Sena, we mean the fake Shiv Sena - The original Sena of Shivaji relied on the wisdom of Samarth Ramdas while this fake Shiv Sena relies on the victim-hood of Marathi Manoos - declared that they supported Pratibha Patil's candidature because she spoke this bold truth, it would have been somewhat respectable. However, they discredited themselves because they supported her because she was a Marathi! Recall that they opposed corruption charges against Sharad Pawar for Pawar is from Maharashtra. And now, they are betraying their tomfoolery by going the Pranab way!

While the "Men" politicians should have taken an inspiration from this, they unanimously decided to go the Mohandas way. The likes of Mulayam were too quick to jump into the bandwagon of demanding apologies. Romila Thaparian historians (Romila Thapar being the illegitimate intellectual bastard child of Jawahar) shouted that practices demeaning women existed long before the invaders came. Aren't there any decent unbiased historians who tell the truth, or at least tell us what they know rather than what they believe? 

It is high time that our "men" are tutored by women like Wafa Sultan. Nevertheless, let us congratulate Pratibha Patil for saying once what should be repeated time and time again. And let us not pardon those politicians who gagged the voice of a woman who was to become the President and who was speaking the bold truth. Why this woman never opened her mouth again on the same topic is left to anybody's guess! She will go a long way in expiating herself if after her retirement she tells the bold truth again.

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