Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Karnataka BJP in Crisis Again? No. It was never out of Crisis!

The trouble is not that Pranab Murkhaji has become the president elect. The trouble is not even that there was cross voting in BJP, after all BJP's allies openly defied the NDA guideline. Further, when P.A. Sangama was seeking "conscience vote" he should have considered the possibility that he might lose "conscience vote". Then what is the matter? The story in brief:

Ananthkumar (the snake under whose shadow Karnataka BJP has become a Devdasi), the manipulator, has been trying to puppetteer the state government. He can hardly win the state elections on his own, but he likes to "control" all that moves in the state. Well, to be fair to him, he may in turn be manipulated by the BJP-high-command!

Sometime in 2008-09, BSY was about to be sacrificed (like the giant Kalyan Singh was sacrificed for Hajpeyi's frothing-at-the-mouth-againt-Manuwadis sister Mayawati) for the bigamous Kumaraswamy. We suspect that was an insider job. However after HDK deceived BSY, the assembly was dissolved and the people of Karnataka (or do we say Lingayats of Karnataka) gave a comfortable majority to the BJP.

As an aside, albeit it is true that BSY has support of, possibly, only Lingayats; this should be no surprise. Not even, Jawahar, whose false glory is sung time and again by his backside comforters, had a uniform and homogenous support across all "vote banks"! The biggest stalwarts in Indian politics thrive on support of their small yet chosen vote-banks, usually Muslims, and then Yadavs, Dalits and so on. So no point in grudging BSY his vote-bank. But possibly, Anantkumar grudges that! And there begins the inside job, or the subterfuge!

BSY was made to resign for maintaining the "clean image" of the BJP. Then, Sadananda Gowda cheated BSY.  BSY, in his turn, exhibited adoloscent courage and womanly cowardice. He paraded his supporters to dislodge S. Gowda, and then started singing glories of Sonia . He was alleged to be contemplating splitting the BJP but then had no gall. Then, he started a rebellion, demanding Gowda's ouster. During the interregnum BSY also dabbled in praising Modi.

Unfortunately B S Yeddiurappa has come a full circle. Recall the cry-baby Yeddy of yore. We think, finally when he saw the toothless BJP surrendering abjectly to JD(U) and ShivSena, he decided to wedge his sword in to the wound. However, Yeddy must show manliness not cowardice.

The problem or the issue is not of dissent, the issue is of back-stabbing. Hindus have been unnecessarily tolerant of back-stabbers. Had BSY declared that a few of the MLA's will vote for Pranab at his behest, that would have been something else. There is also a possibility that Sadananda Gowda engineered a cross voting to malign BSY. If BJP can not find out who did the cross voting and can not throw them out, Similarly, if BJP can not be stern with its allies, especially the anti-Modi JD(U), then the BJP in its present form has to be summarily rejected. Let it join the cabal of rank anti-Hindu parties. 

This further establishes the need for a vertical split within the BJP, into those who are not anti-Modi and those who are anti-Modi, viz. those who are strongly anti-Hindu and those who are only mildly anti-Hindu. If the RSS has even a pea-sized brain, it must keep a list of 1000 fresh candidates ready. A list of those who will contest the next LokSabha elections on a Hindu platform. In the current political scenario, if RSS is even dreaming of a milder form of anti-Hindu alliance (pro-Hindu, or even a Hindu-neutral alliance seems too far fetched), it must mercilessly eject ambivalent and truly-Secular candidates. The Hindus need a new political party with a clear Hindu attitude.

In the mean while, political careers of a lot of people, especially the back-stabbers, need to be destroyed, at the very least they must be shown the door. If the RSS wants to avoid the NDA contesting the next general elections under JD(U) leadership, it needs to start an internal cleansing drive right now.

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