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NDA vs UPA: Pseudo-Hindus (Somewhat Weaker Anti-Hindus) vs Strongly Anti-Hindus!

In a recent article we discussed the necessity of a vertical split in the political theater in India. With the BJP striving to maintain the unity in the NDA, the much needed split will require stronger efforts. One of the weakest links in the BJP kind of intellectual attitude is the lack of brains. Unfortunately they try to emulate the standards of their equally abominable peers or competitors from the rest of the political arena.

For the abominable lots of Strongly anti-Hindus, a part of the home work was done by western Marxists who peddled their discredited theories of exploitation, victimhood and so on. The Congress-persons and the Communists could easily plagiarize the ideas used by western Marxist Ideologues and make their living. The BJP brass, in its turn, tried doing the same and that has been its worst Achille's heels.

We quote from the Constitution of the BJP:

"Integral Humanism shall be the basic philosophy of the Party."

The wikipedia entry on Integral Humanism defines it as Swadeshi and Decentralization. It is further described as 

"His proposal was an "integral" approach that attempts to create a harmonious society. This could be done, he argued, by satisfying the needs of the body (hunger, shelter), the mind (traditions), intelligence (reforms), and the soul (common aspirations of a people that shape their unique culture)."

It becomes obvious that the four goals are a wishy washy rehash of the traditional human goals described in the Sanatana Dharma. However, notice how the "right wing" ideology speaks of "Creating a Harmonious Society" which incessently smacks of Social Engineering of the Socialist kind a la "Egalitarianism". Finally whatever negligible remnants of the "Hindu Principles" remain, they are destroyed by the Gandhian hypocritical pronouncements. For example, read below:

"The Party shall be committed to nationalism and national integration, democracy, 'Gandhian approach to socio-economic issues leading to the establishment of an egalitarian society free from exploitation', Positive Secularism, that is, 'Sarva Dharma Samabhav' and value-based politics. The party stands for decentralisation of economic and political power."

And, not even in your dream imagination, should you ever sympathize with "Hindutva", especially of the Savarkar kind, for Savarkar, a subscriber to the now discredited Aryan Invasion Theory, declares 

"Aryans or the cultivators as they essentially were, we can well understand the divine love and homage they bore to these seven rivers presided over by the River, 'the Sindhu'. which to them were but a visible symbol of the common nationality and culture."


"Thus knowing for certain that the Persians used to designate the Vedic Aryans as Hindus and knowing also the fact that we generally call a foreign and unknown people by the term by which they are known to those through whom we come to know them, we can safely conclude that most of the remoter nations that flourished then must have applied the same epithet 'Hindu' to our land and people as the ancient Persians did. Not only that but even in the very region of the Sapta Sindhus the thinly scattered native tribes too, must have been knowing the Aryans as Hindus in the local dialects in accordance with the same linguistic law. Further on, as the Vedic Sanskrit began to give birth to the Indian Prakrits which became the spoken tongues of the majority of the decendants of these very Sindhus as well as the assimilated and the crossborn castes, these too might have called themselves as Hindus without any influence for the foreign people. For the Sanskrit S changes into H as often in Indian Prakrits as in the non-Indian ones. Therefore, so far as definite records are concerned, it is indisputably clear that the first and almost the cradle name chosen by the patriarchs of our race to designate our nation and our people, is Sapta Sindhu or Hapta Hindu and that almost all nations of the then known world seemed to have known us by this very epithet, Sindhus or Hindus."

Presenting these as "Settled Facts", Savarkar goes on to present his "conjectures". The whole book can be obtained from here. For a direct link, click here.

This is not the occasion to critically examine the whole document though with modern knowledge its thesis seem rather puerile. Among them, one of his main thesis is "Hindutva is different from Hinduism". Savarkar possibly is thinking of Immigrants from unknown region reaching and settling in a Geographical Region. Thus he emphasizes geographical interpretation of the term Hindu while on matters of language he speaks highly of Sanskrit and its descendants. As an aside, we remark that accolades to Sanskrit and its descendant languages is a good thing, and we also respect Savarkar's love for the Hindus. However, this emphasis on Geography and Language became the foundation of the "Hindutva" movement. Once we understand this, we can easily apprehend how Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena's love for Marathitva and Maharashtra is a direct rehash of Savarkarian Hindutva. This variety of nationalism, albeit better than Jawaharian Secularism, is far far from adequate and it also misses the main directions.

With such wishy washy "Hindutva" and "Gandhian Egalitarianism", the anti-Hindu enemies can not even be scratched on their surface, let alone be defeated. For example, do you think that anyone could change the heart of someone like Manishankar "moron" Aiyer or Dog(poop)VijaySingh by offering him a bouquet? No. These demons masquerading as demagogues love their "green" friends, for they have seen (on videos) how their beloved friends behead the "infidels"; and therefore they need to exhibit their "fidelity" to their "friends" by spewing anti-Hindu venom. This is what V. S. Naipaul meant when he said:"...However, we are aware of one of the more cynical forms of liberalism: it admits that one fundamentalism is all right in the world. This is the fundamentalism they are really frightened of: Islamic fundamentalism...".

We need to become confident (free from inferiority complex and associated shame), guilt-free (bold in accepting that there may be flaws in us however confident that we can correct ourselves without external guidance and assistance being thrust on us), and comfortable (we are what we are). We need to be proud that ours, viz. Sanatana Dharma, is the only paradigm, which is history assimilating (not history destroying) as well as history transcending; geograhy assimilating  (and yet not imperialist) as well as geography transcending, language assimilating (not language destroying) as well as language transcending, etc.

On political front we must cease to have knee-jerk response to vaccuous allegations of "Fascism" and "Nazism". Lalu's "grassism" (Fodder scam worth thousands of crores of rupees) did much more damage to citizens of India than those fashionable epithets from Europe. We must not only bring the history (as well as the present) of Islam (and Church) on the discussion table, in addition we must also dissect and vivisect them by analysis. While "Rivers of Blood of the Hindus" caused by marauding Islamic conquerors have been brushed under the carpet by Romila Thaperian terms like "grand sweep of history", small incidents of ommission and commision have been projected as thousands-of-years-of evils by the "gutter seeking and magnifying" approach vis-a-vis Hinduism. This has to be squarely challenged, debunked and discredited.

For anything like this to begin, Hindu sympathizers must not only comprehensively reject strongly anti-Hindu UPA constituents, in addition they must also reject the "Secular" components of the NDA, namely JD(U) etc. Regional satraps like BJD, who practice crony-capitalism while selling themselves by projecting their self-image as pro-poor Secular parties must be seen for what they are: Opportunist components of a Third-Rate front. All anti-Hindus must be out-rightly rejected. Moreover, the wishy washy "Hindutva"-toting pseudo-Hindu bands must also be severely chastised and forced to take corrective measures.

The "Grassist" Lalu Yadav predicts the next general Election to be between "Secular" and "Communal" forces. This moron must be made to bite the dust. The coming elections should be contested to reject anti-Hindus. Besides a vertical split in the current political theater in India, there is a need to constantly expose UPA, Third-rate Front, as well as Secular components of NDA as anti-Hindu national-suicide promoting morons.

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