Sunday, August 5, 2012

The BJP on another Blunder-course?

They lost the elections in 2004, they did an encore in 2009, and yet they seem unwilling to learn. The BJP patriarch Advani in his blog wrote

"So far as the BJP is concerned, the bungling in Karnataka notwithstanding, all recent public opinion surveys clearly reveal that the principal beneficiary of the Congress Party’s fast eroding reputation continues to be the BJP!"

This indicates the possibility that the BJP will again be complacent in its mass communication efforts in the forthcoming elections. Many so called stalwarts in BJP think that the others are so bad that the people will automatically vote for the BJP. They conveniently forget that the Indian voters, more often than not, defeat the arrogant rather than making the "better" candidate (or party) win. In 2014 Congress will, in most likelihood, lose not because the BJP is much better, but because because the Congress is arrogant. If the BJP manages - and it seems to be striving hard - to portray itself as even more arrogant than Congress is, they will ensure their own defeat.

For example, notwithstanding the supposed good governance by Modi, he won in 2007 more because of Congress's arrogant jibe - a la -"The Merchants of Death". This time Cash-u-Bhai (Keshubhai) might actually help Modi win again. However, Modi can hardly be complacent.

Advani's surmise that the third (rate) front provides only a short term government is fairly accurate. The third-rate front being a group of impatient opportunists - note that the Congress and the BJP are opportunists too, however they seemingly have more patience than the third rate front - quickly begin to squabble and then collapse. In terms of patience, the Congress has the maximum, thus it merely waits for the third rate front and the BJP to discredit themselves and then returns to power! 

Thus, even if the BJP wins, it must also persevere. They can vainly hope to gain advantage "notwithstanding Karnataka" but they will have to grovel in abject humility if the situation turns into a "notwithstanding India"!

Be that as it may, the attitude that we will win because the other is bad is highly negative to say the least. Vote for us because the others are bad is a negative and arrogant way of seeking votes. In our opinion, the voters must be told: "We will be much much better". It serves no purpose to parrot "We are different", it is also important to communicate (repeatedly) what the "difference" is.

Lastly, we believe that "good governance" is not enough. Hindus are face to face with a survival crisis. What will be done for the protection of the Hindus? This should be an important question. True-Secularism can merely be an interim relief at best. At worst it will be suicidal complacence. More over, we as Hindus must focus more on the ideas that will govern our nation rather than who the ruling alliance will be. If a Modi, even when he is a PM, is forced to be a Hajpeyi, then he can only be useful inasmuch as he will be a lesser evil. Thus he will be a marginal relief from Jawaharian Secularism, however we must strive for much much more.

The Hindus must not look to the BJP or a Modi as their saviours. They must ensure that right ideas are put into place. We must be clear that we don't care about the NDA, we care about rejecting the anti-Hindu forces. If the BJP wants to contest 2014 elections under Nitish Secular Kumar or his appointee projected as PM, the NDA along with the BJP must be shown the door. If this Secular Kumar is averse to Modi, he can go and join the Corrupt Congress-led UPA.

The picture is simple and clear. All the third-rate front leaders are licking their lips in anticipation, for they smell a victory for non-Congress in 2014. And they imagine that by emphasizing Secularism they can keep Modi away. Morons like Nitish Secular Kumar are even imagining themselves as the PM! Remember that a small party controlled alliance will be as flimsy as the UPA has been.

Anti-corruption is surely an issue, Anti-anti-Hinduism must be a much bigger issue.

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