Monday, August 13, 2012

Want to understand Hindu Exodus from Pakistan, and Muslim protesters terrorizing Indian Police etc.? It's Islam Stupid!

How do you understand the recent news of Paki-Hindus wanting to migrate to India, and the Muslims in Mumbai attacking Police during protest against Rohingya Muslims in Burma? Recall how Moplah Muslims rioted against Hindus for days when the  Khilafat movement to bring the whole world under Islamic Caliphate failed.

Our empty-suit "Secular" (both pseudo and true!) intellectuals will keep theorizing endlessly about Pakistani animosity for India, the eternal love between the Hindus and the Muslims, and the gross injustice being done to "poor" Muslims. They will also skirt the issue of Pakistani genocide of minorities terming it "Mischief by Miscreants"; miscreants who are a negligible number of fanatics in Pakistan (or for that matter, India).

All of these evil idiots ignore the elephant in the room. It's Islam Stupid! For past 14 centuries the history of Islam is replete with bloodbath, carnage, arson, rape and plunder of non-Muslims. Islam's founder, who is the eternal role model for all Muslims for all time to come, himself indulged in such rapes and plunder. Islam's scriptures sanction the horrendous atrocities, Islam's founder exemplified the horrendous scriptural commands, Islam's history is full of Muslim historians proudly narrating horrendous crimes on non-Muslims by Muslim Jihadis. And yet, the wilfully blind intellectuals want to present the matter as if nothing very bad ever happened really.

The Truth of Islam needs to be told. Those Muslims who practice Islam without knowing the Truth are ignorant, shouldn't they be told the Truth? Those Muslims who practice Islam knowing the Truth are dangerous, shouldn't they be dealt with? The unequivocal answer would be the affirmative, Yes. And yet, all of these Affirmative Action toting scum-bag intellectuals oppose one affirmative action, they oppose Telling the Truth about Islam.

And while one is welcome to do one's own research, there are many sites which have done some pretty good work in terms of collecting and presenting information about Islam. For example see here. On the stages of Jihad, see here. For a printable pamphlet, click here.

The fact that there may be ignorant Muslims who behave moderately should not lull you into believing that Islam can be moderate. The Truths that: There is no Moderate Islam; Islam is mortally dangerous to the very existence of non-Muslims; Islam can never live in peace with non-Muslims; are the Truths that must be repeatedly told. 

There is nothing complicated in understanding Hindu-Exodus from Pakistan, Muslim violence in Mumbai, and such incidents. It's Islam Stupid!

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