Thursday, August 2, 2012

Team Anna, the New Third (Rate) Secular Front?

What can we say about a movement whose intelligence is bettered by a dumb-fuck like Markandey Katju? Well, Tean Anna, after criticizing politics and politicians for over an year has come round a full circle and has decided to provide an alternative. For a flavor of our criticism see here. The Mohandasian Anna confirmed his allegiance to Mohandas in two ways, one stupid (for the Hindus) and one clever (for his own person). 

The clever way was to state that he would keep away from "elections" but "support" the "good candidates". This absolves him of all responsibilities in case the move fails. While Mohandas has been foisted as "Father of the Nation" on a nation that is yet to gain most of what  is meaningful freedom (property protection, rule of law etc.); Anna will be foisted on us as "Father of Corruption-free Nation" on a nation that will for the foreseeable future will remain mired in Corruption.

The stupid way was to emphasize the Secular nature of the nation. The rabid canine DogVijay must be jumping and yapping in joy to discover that as per the Congress-Plan, the Team Anna movement has finally emerged as the Congress-Run movement. The Congress strategy to keep accusing any movement as "backed by RSS" is just a smoke screen to force the movement to the farthest Left and the staunchest anti-Hindu positions. Recall how Baba Ramdev supported reservation for "Backward Muslims".

We also suspect that this new third rate Secular front will be first tried against Modi in Gujarat. Congress will keep daring Team Anna to challenge Modi and Team Anna will oblige. Congress has a win-win strategy in this. If Team Anna succeeds against Modi, Congress has won it big time. Then the pup Rahul G will prostrate before Anna and the new version of old evil duo "Mohandas and Jawahar" will reincarnate in the form of "Anna and Rahul" duo. Anyone who is wondering why Rahul G is delaying his entry into active politics should note this. In case Team Anna fails against Modi, the Congress would have neutralized one of their potential detractors (Team Anna). Then the Congress would try and support Nitish like third rate front against the Hindus. Thus, Congress would use the Gujarat elections to pitch Team Anna and Modi against each other, hoping to neutralize at least one, and preferable both!

Such fiercely anti-Hindu is the nature of the political theater in the country. On the other hand, the other Secular, Baba Ramdev, will have a problem on his hands, since on Modi issue he may find his position cornered. His best way would be to remain neutral. However, given his dumb-fuck tendencies he will goof in some way.

This is why we have been emphasizing time and again that we need to become plainly and unabashedly pro-Hindu in our attitudes. We can not find all these anti-Hindu forces without countering their deep fundamental agenda, viz., anti-Hinduism. We have mentioned that far from having any pro-Hindu right wing, we do not even have a Hindu-neutral Center! The whole political stage is so far Left and so outrageously outright anti-Hindu, that a mere questioning of Socialism and Secularism evokes foaming-at-the-mouth response from our Leftist anti-Hindu political class.

So what is the way? The only way is the way forward by sticking to the basics. We Hindus need to develop a Hindu-consciousness and self-awareness and be comfortable with it. We must become guilt-free and frankly Hindu. Watch any live show, talk show or debate on TV or in any media, and observe how self-humbling and defensive the self-proclaimed truly-Secular Hindutva forces are. The refusal to see the enemy as the enemy is the worst delusion, and our Hindutva-brigade indulges in it. Instead of uniting "truly-Secular" forces in the name of NDA, a Hindu Alliance must be explored.

Without bringing Islam, Secularism and Socialism on the debate for critical examination, without a straight faced pro-Hindu approach, any truly Secular front will merely keep losing territory to the anti-Hindus. There was a hint of a change when Mohan Bhagwat stated that the country needs a PM who propunded Hindutva. This is welcome, but this is only a baby step. He needs to move much further. RSS should also cease to be soft on evil journalists like Kumar Ketkar. Kumar Ketkar has spewed venom against the RSS in the visual media, he must be forced to recant on visual media in addition to the written apology. Truth must be told, for example, see here.

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  1. Team Anna is conducting a referendum on Twitter (internet) to seek public opinion of whether they should join politics. It is their right to join politics if they so desire. Our reservation is on the method they have employed in seeking public opinion. We would like to remind our readers that long ago there was an opinion poll conducted in USA to predict the winner in an election and how the one of the polls succeeded while the other failed (see here). We suspect that the method suffers from Sampling Bias. Referendum on Twitter/ Social Media need not reflect Public Opinion at Large.


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