Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tremors owing to Rumours: Don't Censor Social Media, Expose your own Failure, You Stupid Government!

The big news is that the mass movement of NE people happened because of provocative messages from Social Media with false information sourced from Pakistan. So what should the government do? The government is contemplating censoring anti-India sites! Mark our words. The government does not want to protect you, it wants to seize even the limited freedoms that you have.

Let us look at the case in a simple manner:

1. Morphed pictures are uploaded, allegedly from Pakistan, and threats of violent reaction emerge.

2. The threats spread through Social Media.

3. People get scared and start fleeing to protect themselves.

Observe how Social Media has been merely a conveyor of information, which is what it is supposed to be. The information originated in Pakistan. What does Indian government do? The government meekly protests against Pakistan. Remember that post 9/11, a second rate official in Bush administration threatened the then president of Pakistan that Pakistan will be bombed to stone age if it did not cooperate. India being a vibrant and strong democracy, merely bleats. One may argue that India is not so strong as the USA is, but then the counter question is: Why is India not that strong? Will China not bomb Pakistan to stone age under similar provocation? Why is India not as strong as China? The answer is: India, hypnotized under Mohandasian and Jawaharian spell is a self-loathing, suicidal nation. Thus even grave threats to its very existence are merely protested. We wonder why the Indian High Commissioner along with Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Pranab Mukherji, do not erect a tent opposite ISI headquarters near Abbottabad and sit on a hunger strike, preferably fast unto death? That might be a more honest homage to the joker they foisted upon us as the Father of the Nation.

Other less urgent questions though of far reaching consequences are:

Why did a large number of people take rumors seriously? Does it not reflect badly upon average intelligence? What has 65 years of education, under Government-Control (state govt. though), achieved in this regard?

Why did government react as late and as weakly as it did? The government describes the Violent Jihadis who arsoned in Mumbai as Mischief Makers, while it calls Hindu-Protestors fanatics. Why?

Now we come to the most serious part of the analysis. Pakistan is India's adversary so it will do what it can to damage India. It needs no rocket science to conclude or understand that. Social Media (Media in general) is free to spread rumours. However, the most important question is: Even if the rumours were believed to be true by gullible people, why did they panic and begin to flee? The answer is that 65 years after "independence", few citizens in India trust the ability of the government to protect them. This is the only reason they began to flee so that they could be with their own people and feel safe.

Why do people in India, especially Hindus, have no faith in the promised protection by the government. For, the people have realized that the Government neither wants to, nor has the capability to protect them. Notice the "preparedness" of the government during Mumbai protests. The Jihad mob rampaged vehicles, snatched arms and amunition from Police personnel! Will you believe a Police force which can not protect itself to protect you?

If you are an honest person, answer this: If you are threatened by Violent Jihadis, will you believe that the Police will be able to protect you?

Let us clarify that you can not blame merely corruption in Police force for this. The police force is unable to protect you (and itself) because the Secular Socialist government constrains the Police to be soft on Jihadis. The government does so for various reasons. One, for it is anti-Hindu, so it wants to encourage Jihadis. Second, because, it can use such incidents to tighten its control over people (read Hindus) who already have lost a lot of their freedoms. Thus, it is the anti-Hindu hypnotic spell perpetrated by Mohandas and Jawahar that ensures that the Police (even if comprising largely of Hindus) is unable to protect Hindus. And then the same government will further tighten Police control over the same Hindus! Therefore, a significantly likely if not undeniable conclusion, that we can come to, is that this government and this Secular system, is not only anti-Hindus, it is operating as an agent of Jihadis.

What can we do to save ourselves? Tell as many people as you can this Truth. The Hindus must listen, learn and understand these basic truths. The truths that

1. Even though Pakistan sponsors damage-India program, India does nothing. And it does nothing because it is under suicidal self-loathing spell of Secularism perpetrated by Mohandas and Jawahar.

2. Even though the reason that people flee is because they have lost faith in the government's willingness and ability to protect them, the government in stead of becoming willing and instead of increasing its ability to defend its citizens, merely indulges in eye wash.

3. Worse, it uses such crises to increase it own power over peaceful people (read Hindus).

Once you understand the Truth, what should be done will be obvious!

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