Sunday, August 5, 2012

LSE: Lassi School of Thought taught in Lassi School of Education

Dumb Fuckery has been fairly understood by now. Its cousin is the LSE, or the Lassi School of Education.

While we were much younger we had coaches and health instructors whose canonical advice on all fitness matters used to be: Get up early in the morning, at 5 A.M., drink a large glass of Lassi and go for running and you will do wonders. While it might be true that this might go a long way in building the stamina or this might surely provide some health benefits, it would be fool hardy to say that that would by itself be enough. Not merely that, it is important to realize that in certain cases it might also be counter productive.

Especially in matters of ideas as solutions to problems, Lassi School of Thought represents Dumb Fuckery at its maximum. We will frequently use this term in our discourse on issues related to politics, sociology and economics. The Indian idea-scape especially in matters mentioned before is so mono-maniacal that it at once reminds one of the Lassi School of Thought. Whatever be the problem, Lassi is the solution. Well, it would be very nice if such a solution could be found; and if and when such a "Lassi" is found, it would be an ambrosia for the social, political and economic ills.

Unfortunately, the comedy turns into a horrifying tragedy when the proverbial Lassi turns out to be hemlock. In the Indian context, the hemlock of non-violence of the Mohandasian flavor, and Secularism & Socialism of Jawaharian kind have been such hemlocks. And yet when politicians of all ilks and hues endlessly emphasize that they uphold these very ideals, it becomes apparent at once that their hopes and promises would be forlorn.

Let us try and rid ourselves of the perils of Lassi School of Thought, especially the hemlocks being paraded as the ambrosias.

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