Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anna Hazare, Congress and the Lokpal Bill

The anti-corruption drive by Anna Hazare is gaining momentum by the days if not by the minutes. I am yet to read their draft proposal of the Jan Lokpal Bill. The wikipedia entry states:

The Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's ombudsman Bill) is a draft anti-corruption bill that would pave the way for a Jan Lokpal, an independent body like the Election Commission, which would have the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without government permission.

This brings to mind a question. If this body is going to be like the Election Commission, then it too may become as corrupt as the EC now is! So what do we gain? If you have some doubts, please read the manifestos and promises of political parties in the forthcoming 2011 elections in Tamil Nadu!

In our opinion, this anti-corruption movement is marred by certain fundamental flaws:

1. It is being led by Gandhians. This reveals that the aftermath of its success may turn out to be worse than the disease itself. Gandhians are big-time socialists, and even bigger-time pacifists (read appeasers). This will entail an even more horrible future replete with immoral affirmative-actions, and state-controlled-economy.

What we need are a new set of principles, to conduct ourselves.

2. It is using democracy as its primordial foundation. It is a well-known fact that democracy is always fraught with perils of reducing to mobocracy (Ochlocracy), a consequence where the cure is worse than the disease. We are already suffering from these symptoms. Our nation has been termed a Republic in its constitution but has largely been functioning as a Democracy. Recall how Ms. Indira Gandhi (Thirty Ninth Amendment) and Rajiv Gandhi (Shah Bano) misused democracy.

What we need is loosely described as a Constitutional Republic. However since the current constitution is infested with Gandhian principles, Socialism and Secularism; we need a new constitution.

We need to ask many such important questions, and obtain fundamental, workable, impersonal answers to them. Otherwise, we will merely have another cult Anna-Hazare-cult, a few decades after we have had Mohandas-cult.

Now, all this does not at all mean that we agree with the objections being raised by Congress clowns, Mr. Singhvi and the likes. There is no gainsaying that this Congress government is one of the most evil, most corrupt, and the most anti-national government we have had, with the possible exception of Jawahar's governments. Meanwhile allegations and their counters are being exchanged. An interesting coverage is given by blog MediaCrooks. The hollowness of arguments by congressmen is appropriately exposed. Needless to state the Congress, in its total lineage, has been one of the most hypocritical political parties.

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