Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anna, a Mohandasian Hypocrite

The fault-lines in anti-corruption drive are emerging. In a recent sequence, in response to Anna's praise for Gujarat Chief Minister Modi, the arty-farty commie Mallika Sarabhai shot off a letter to Anna, here is the text (taken from here):

Dear Annaji,

We are deeply shocked by your endorsement of Narendra Modi's rural development. There has been little or no rural development in this state. In fact, gauchar lands and irrigated farmlands have been stealthily taken by the government and sold off at ridiculous prices to a small club of industrialists. There has been no Lokayukta in Gujarat for nearly seven years so hundreds of complaints against corruption are lying unheard. From the Sujalam Sufalam scam of 1700 crores to the NREGS boribund scam of 109 crores, the fisheries scam of 600 crores, every department is involved in thousands of crores of scams.

The poor and rural people are being sold to Modi's friends the industrialists. The state is in terrible debt because of his largess to industry while 21 lakh farmers wait for compensation. Your endorsement is appalling and we will be forced to distance ourselves from the Lokpal movement unless it is irrevocably retracted.

Mallika Sarabhai

Now, whatever may be in her mind, Ms Sarabhai clearly states that Modi has done precious little for rural development in Gujarat. So her objection is to Anna's praise for Modi's rural developmental initiatives in Gujarat.

However, in his response, Anna writes:

Dear Malika ji,

Let me at the outset say that I am totally apolitical and strongly against communalism.

I am pained that I have to explain myself on Mr Modi. I was asked a question about Bihar's and Gujarat's Chief Ministers development work at the press conference, and based on media reports I said Bihar and Gujarat have done good work in rural development. At the same time I condemn 2002 riots and communalism,

I am with no party, I stand for no party, I am totally apolitical and focus on rooting out corruption in my life.

This is a long struggle and I trust people like you who have fought for people's right will understand the spirit of the movement.

I have faith that like-minded people as you will carry the torch forward.


Anna Hazare

So, now Anna says that he praised rural-developmental work in Gujarat and Bihar based on media report. Then he goes on to condemn 2002-riots.

Please observe these facts:

1. Anna has not been accused of supporting communalism, he was accused of wrong information regarding rural-development in Gujarat.

2. Anna does not apologize regarding the information. Rather, he condemns only the Gujarat-riots.

It is clear as daylight that Anna is a true Mohandasian.

Any person with common-sense would respond to charges regarding false information with either accurate data or accurate interpretation as rebuttal, failing which an apology can be issued, but the apology has to be about inaccurate information.

This eunuch does neither. He condemns. And he condemns what? He condemns 2002-riots!

Please observe this carefully again:

Anna did not condemn all killings, for all killings include the incineration of the passengers in the rail coach.

In the true Mohandasian spirit, he condemned only the reaction to the incineration and he calls it communal-riots. Does it not sound all too familiar? This is modern Mohandas for you! And the commie-secular brigade of arty types, consisting of Mallika and her ilk are the new villains.

Even when I foretold earlier that this anti-corruption movement is flawed, I expressed a wish (see here) that my apprehensions be unfounded, and yet I also added the fear that the actual course might be much worse. That is exactly what seems to be lying in the store.

We Hindus (Sanatana Dharma) must declare clearly that we do not want apolitical Mohandasians, rather we want righteous politicians.

Further, we are compelled to quote our oft-repeated call:

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need choose and send politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

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