Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anna, Baba, Mohandasism and High-Command

Much earlier than we expected hints of misunderstandings amongst the anti-corruption brigade have surfaced. Baba (Ramdev) alleged nepotism, while Anna (Hazare) rules out any changes in the committee.

While, thus spoke Baba:

(Father and son) in the committee, alleging it showed nepotism. "Why is there nepotism in the committee? Why both father and son are accommodated in the committee?" Ramdev had asked.

Thus retorted Anna:

On other side Hazare disagreed with Yoga Guru that, "You can level any allegation against me. I am a person who follows Gandhian principles. Nothing wrong in having two members of the same family in the panel. We need experience. We need expertise".

Interestingly, Anna claims infallibility (recall our projection that Anna would claim super-wise man status) brandishing his being a Mohandasian (Gandhian). We wait to see how Baba responds. Meanwhile Anna plans to sort out the misunderstandings by talking to Baba.

In our humble and arrogant opinion, what a huge dumb-fuckery this is. This is Mohandasian culture, this is high-command culture, this has become the bane of Indian politics, governance, and society at large.

Here we pose a simple question:

Which is better: Discuss, debate, conclude and then communicate the conclusion OR decide and then offer explanations while maintaining a rigid stance?

Our answer: A sane way is the former, and typical Mohandasian way is the latter.

Recall that we had commented that if this committee was a committee to form the would be in-charge committee, it would have been much less of a controversy. Why do these leaders not choose the sane way? Why do they choose stupidity over sanity? Simply, because Mohandasians are not bothered about all these details,;for they claim to be super-wise persons! And you see all leaders smalltime or big-time are scurrying to find a niche place for themselves where they can stake claim to super-wisdom!

Again, not to sound as if we are singling out Anna, we re-iterate that this imbecility has, unfortunately, become our national character. We need to get rid of this! Also, not to state that super-wisdom is impossible. There have been persons of extra-ordinary wisdom who could be thought of as super-wise; however they are few and far between. Further, they themselves hardly ever claim or impose such claims on others. So we need to devise and honor procedures meant for and practiced by ordinary people!

Thus, our message to the people is:

Look, observe and understand the follies of such nature. You can love, respect and even follow whichever leader you wish to, including Anna, Baba, and so on; however, force them to shun their insane, dumb-fuck ways. For insanity will beget more insanity, and dumb-fuckery will beget even more dumb-fuckery!

Let the skeletal framework be: Think, act and learn; and not Act, explain and repent!

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