Friday, April 8, 2011


It was on a Vijaya-dashami day that Bhagwan Ram administered euthanasia to Ravana. The austerities of Bharat (and Shatrughna), valour of Bhagwan Ram (and Lakshaman), and devoted sacrifices by the Vanar Sena culminated in the establishment of Rama-Rajya not only in Ayodhya, but all over the world.

Rama-Rajya is not merely an “excellent system of governance”; it is a state where the citizens are so good that “no system is necessary to govern them”. It was not that “Bhagwan Ram” ruled over the world. It was an epoch wherein all over the world, irrespective of who their local king was, the people reached a citizenship where “no system” was necessary to govern them. And yet they also had peace and prosperity.

How is it, that we degenerated ourselves so much that at the present times “no system is able to govern us”? Can we recoup ourselves again? If we can, how can we? These are some of the questions that we need to address.

For the moment, can we see how far removed we are from Ram-Rajya? Does our present leadership, be it in BJP, SP or anywhere else, elicit confidence in us that they can lead us, let alone lead us to Ram-Rajya? Do we really want Ram-Rajya? Who are we? What do we really want? We need to ponder over many of these questions. Or do we even need to ponder? We need to ponder at least on whether we need to ponder ...

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