Friday, April 1, 2011

The Truth Behind ``Hindu Terror'' : Aseemanand alleges Harassment

Aseemanand, who is an accused in a few high-profile blast cases, has alleged that the investigating agencies harassed him and his family to scoop out a confession from him.

This, if true, is a very very serious matter. The evil Congress, the corrupt Media and their illegitimate ancestors have been beating their chests for months to educate the common citizens about the truth of Hindu-Terror. Now if it turns out that the accused have been tortured to make confessions then it is clearly implied that it is the Congress and Media which wants to conjure up the idea of Hindu-Terror and establish it as a fact by fraudulent and criminal means.

To those who know and understand the Congress and the Media, this is fairly obvious and has been well known. And this must make it obvious to even the die-hard devotees of Congress and Media. Any groups which contain specimens like Digvijay Singh or Barkha Dutt can never come even within miles of credibility. And yet since Congress chose DS as a mentor for their heir-apparent, and the Media Group which thought BD fit enough to represent we the people, they can not be perceived as merely foolish. They are evil.

We do not imply that Aseemanand or any other accused have done no crime. We only say that they must be treated as they are, merely the accused. And until their crime is proven, they are not-guilty. And once we see this, all this chimera of Hindu-Terror falls like a house of cards!

There are two more things which we need to keep in our minds. Ajmal Kasab massacred scores of people in full glare and yet it took the prosecution more than an year to build a proper case. Barkha Dutt spoke to Nira Radia on record and yet she sought benefit of the doubt, a doubt which was nonexistent! And yet, in the case of Aseemanand, in a matter of a few weeks the agencies had obtained a detailed confession, and the bunch of evil jokers, which our politicians and the journalists in large numbers are, had established the fact of Hindu-Terror!

Secularists and Socialists have one common trait. They see what they think exists, and they do not see what they think does not exist. For them, the fourteen century long history of Islam is non-existent, seven decades corruption of Congress is nonexistent, but Hindu-Terror is obviously existent! Manmohan Singh presides over a cabinet mired in corruption cases worth lacs of crores of Rupees, but he is touted as an honest man.

The facts regarding Aseemanand may take some more time to come out, and they may well be contrary to what you and I may surmise; and yet we need to guard against believing what we are told by the media and also the politicians. For, Aseemanand, in all likelihood, is a decent human, while the likes of Digvijay Singh, and Barkha Dutt are most certainly not!

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