Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cry Democracy and subvert Democracy

So the government has apparently thrown in the towel against the mighty protesters. And a new committee has been formed and the members are: Messrs. Pranab Mukherji (Chairman), Kapil Sibal, Veerappa Moily, P. Chidambaram, Salman Khurshhed from the government, and Messrs. Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan (Co-Chairman), Prashant Bhushan, Santosh Hegde, and Arvind Kejriwal from outside of the government. Thus, the committee consists of Congressmen and Hazare-men! And all this in the name of democracy! Phew.

We criticized these developments earlier (see here and here). It is becoming apparent that Hazare being a Mohandasian (Gandhian) wants to become en extra-democratic, nay a super-democratic authority, and he has succeeded in it. Very soon he may even prop his own prime-ministerial candidate (Rahul Gandhi for example) who will become the second Jawahar of this nation, and subvert the civilization.

We project the following scenario:

1. Manmohan Singh will carve a clean image for himself merely since he has conceded Hazare's demands. And at an appropriate moment make a respectable exit.

2. Hazare (and his stooges) will become de-facto the super-wise men of the country. This is very much like the original constitution drafting committee.

3. Sonia Gandhi takes the credit for this, since she is the defacto super-PM. And thus can present his son as the heir-to-the-throne after it is vacated by the-stooge-Manmohan-Singh.

4. There will be a re-shuffling, appearing to be major over-haul in the Congress, and Sonia will be able to get rid of all elements who even remotely appear to be a threat to Rahul's leadership.

5. By 2014, Rahul under the tutelage of Hazare (or his nominee) will contest the elections as the un-declared Prime Minister. Remember that Congress never projects a PM. The reason being that if they lose elections the PM-candidate needs to accept responsibility!

Now, whatever we are writing appears to be a fantastic conspiracy-theory, and we sincerely wish that it is merely so. However, unfortunately, this or something even worse, is a very likely scenario.

Now the uninitiated should not think that we do not want to give Mr. Hazare his due! We would have been greatly impressed if Hazare had fasted demanding a promise and/or action-plan that his feat in Ralegaon-Siddhi should be replicated in as many villages as possible all over India. For that will build a more self-confident India.

For corruption to end, the state must do less and less while the people, in their freedom and with responsibility, must do more and more. Large scale replications of Ralegaon-Siddhi might have been a more effective leap in that direction. Instead we are getting another election-commission-clone, this time to end corruption. Any one who still doubts the probable efficacy of this should read about the intended purpose of Rajya-Sabha, Central Bureau of Investigation, Election Commission and so on; and also observe what they have become and what they have been doing!

Given the practical situation in India, only the simple-minded or the-crooked will believe and therefore propose or accept the promises from such attempts. Indian citizens have been clever-by-half and have been fooled umpteen times, and those who succeed in fooling them are scarcely the simple-minded persons they project themselves to be.

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