Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anna Reverts to His Dumb-Fuckery

In his latest burst Anna Hazare stated "Advani's rath yatra for votes, not for people".

We have the following question for Mr. Hazare:

What is wrong in pursuing votes?

India, currently has electoral democracy. And in ED "votes" are the thing! What is Anna's problem?

We think that Anna is fundamentally confused. He is unhappy with the system but he has no ideas about what changes to make in the system for a truly effective reform.

He keeps shouting that politicians are running behind votes, but he never proposes a solution to this. He proclaims that he believes in Democracy, himself practices autocracy, and dislikes votes. This is a typical example of a dumb-fuck. The inability to perceive, rather the intransigent unwillingness to perceive, the obvious. And then he will keep blabbering on Mohandasism and such non-sense. We hate to say this, and we are aware that we may be erring heavily, but he appears to be a cuckoo brained person.

Such Mohandasians are very very dangerous. The way the British used Gandhi to thwart national interests, Brown-British (Congress et al.) will use Hazare to thwart national interests.

Mere reveling in holier than thou attitude won't help much. Let him make explicit criticisms. If Anna is against politicians vying for votes, then he must have an alternative solution. Our apprehension is that if this Anna turns out to be second Mohandas, Kejriwal will be the second Jawahar and then ... Man we are doomed! So we need to keep a close watch on Annaesque DF-ery, and guard against getting swayed by his puerile rhetoric.

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