Thursday, September 1, 2011

Strive for Survival: Some Crucial Aspects

That Sanatana Dharma is under attack from all quarters is not hard to see. If you have doubts, please search "hindu genocide" "violence against hindus" and any search engine will answer your questions. Of course, a detractor could ask, searching phrases like "Jew genocide" too will give results, so what of it?

So our questions are: Are you a Jew? Are you a Muslim? Are you a Christian? And so on ... Who are you? And if you don't know the answer, then it is most probably the case that you are a Hindu.

Of course you can read any number of sites about what Hinduism is or who Hindus are. We do not claim to better them. However, we too have our broad view on the subject and you are welcome to give it a reading here.

Further, we want to ask you another question. Do you want to survive or not? If you want your children, grand children and so on, not to be smothered by Enslaving religions who talk about "truth" but indulge in "delusions", you better wake up now.

You have a right to survive, and surely your children and grandchildren too should have the same.

However, this survival will come at a price: You need to become aware, understand the threats, and act.

Understand that Sanatana Dharma tells you about Freedom and Responsibility and you need to protect your liberties by discharging your responsibilities.

Are there no ills in Hindu Society? There may be, and there are. But will we be able to correct them if we do not survive?

There are Secularists, they believe that Hindus need not survive. If Islam wins, they will raise their behinds and pray to Allah. If Christianity wins, they will seek the Pope's intervention for obtaining heaven. They think that whatever good there is in Hinduism, it owes to Buddhism or Jainism.

Then there are Socialists, and Social Justice Activists, they believe that Hinduism should not survive. They think that the only thing worth saving about Hinduism is some dance forms, dress styles and so on.

Then there are Mohandasians, they believe that their extreme and distorted version of non-violence will save us.

Then there are those who recommend inaction, they believe that nothing needs to be done.

Then there are many more such hypocrites.

We Hindus, those belonging to Sanatana Dharma, must be beware of such deceptions.

We have our follies, but despite our follies we deserve to and we want to survive. We don't need others to tell us what we should do, whether we should reform us or whether we deserve to survive.

Yes, Ishwara surely help us, Ishwara will surely protect us, and yet out of our love for Ishwara, let us do our bit.

So don't be fooled by secular, socialists, pro social justice, or gandhian forces. Don't be fooled by Congress, BJP or the third front. Don't be fooled by Digvijay Singhs, Kapil Sibals, Mayawatis or Laloo Yadavs. Don't let concepts of freedom of religion be used to subvert your freedoms. Muslims love sharia, so let them go to their beloved place Arabia. Christians love the cross, let them cross the oceans and go over to Rome. If they love this land, then they need to love the source, Sanatana Dharma. We, Hindus, do not need to be told to accommodate Muslims or the like. They must realize that the roots of the problems are in their own scriptures and practices; and they need to choose between living amongst us, or their evil ideologies and practices.

Sanatana Dharma does not mandate idol worship but it surely accepts idol worship as a means to Ishwara. So anyone who considers idol worship as evil and wrong is incompatible with us.

So on this day when we are worshiping Ganesha residing in his beautiful idol, let us resolve that:

We are Hindus, Sanatana Dharma is our way, and we love our temples and our fellows who idol worship, and we will strive for our survival. We are, as a general practice peace-loving and non-violent, but nobody can fool us by these terms, and if necessary we will not shirk from a bloody fight. We know Krishna of Vrindavana, and we also know Krishna of Kurukshetra. We worship Parvati and we also worship Durga and Kali.

We love our Shudras, but we won't let Mayawati hoodwink us. We love our Yadavas, but we won't let Laloos and Sharads fool us.

We have Freedom of pursuit of Truth, but we won't let Secularism and Seculars cheat us.

We love the poor and those who may be suffering, and we love to be charitable to them; but we won't let Socialism, Social Justice and Affirmative Action plans, Wealth Redistribution policies deceive us.

We are people with a great heart, and we have equally capable heads. We feel but we are not fools.

May Ganesha give us love as well as wisdom, clarity and strength.

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