Saturday, September 24, 2011

DogVijay about to be in the Docks?

This was expected, though we wonder why it took so long to happen. The scumbag, poisonous fecal matter between the ears, Digvijay Singh has been found to have visited a terror-accused. RSS has meekly demanded a probe. Investigations, even if they happen, will be manipulated by Manmohan (as he did in the 2-G case for tens of months) and the barker will manage to get a reprieve.

Thus, these steps are not enough. We must realize that when Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi talk about Hindu-terror, they are referring to themselves and their partners in crime. Collusion and Connivance from the highest level of treacherous evil people masquerading as Secular Hindus with the real terror, Islamic terror.

If the moron Digvijay calls Abhinav Bharat and other Hindu organizations as propagators of saffron terror, then what are people of his ilk doing? The answer is obvious. They are propagating "tricolor-terror". Secular (fake-Hindus) combined with Muslims, Communists, and all the rest, working day in and night out against Hindus and India.

And now that this Muslims cleric of Bhopal has been caught, he must be given his favorite punishment, the Islamic punishment. Won't it be really a nice example of Secularism? A Digvijay Singh getting an Islamic punishment? He can hope to make it to the Islamic hall-of-fame of the Hadiths. More-over he can also hope to enjoy seventy-two pussy-cat dolls later.

Coming back to a deeper issue. Therefore it is important for we Hindus to realize and be aware that saffron terror may be bad, but tricolor-terror is much much worse. Saffron terror, if it exists, is a reaction to decades long tricolor terror.

As it is pointless to discuss Godhra-2002 without discussing the innocent women and children burnt alive in the two railway coaches at Godhra station; so it is pointless to discuss saffron-terror without discussing tricolor-terror.

Please also understand that Secular Hindus (Congress and Socialists), Muslims, and Naxalites (Maoists) are staging a fight amongst themselves, only with the aim of destroying Hindus and Sanatana Dharma. Each of them is a band in the tricolor, rather multicolor collage.

As Hindus, we must be absolutely clear and say NO to Secularism, Socialism, tricolor-terror and other such deceptions. Do not let the tricolor terrorists fool you in to believing the dangers of a non-existent saffron terror.

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