Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Joke Called Breach of Parliament

A vile moron called M Karunanidhi rhetorically asked "Which college did Rama complete his Bachelor of Engineering?". He was commenting on the controversy on Ram-Setu. Another perverted Muslim masquerading as an artist painted nude pictures of Hindu goddesses, while he never had the slightest guts to paint cartoons on Muhammad. The living pestilential buffoon Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid refuses and issues statements forbidding Muslims to sing Vande Mataram for it being against Islam.

None of these have breached any authority and have not been called upon to explain their positions. But if someone as much as surmises, based on the alleged video on cash-for-votes, that parliamentarians take bribes, they are served breach notices.

Members of Team Anna, namely Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, and Kiran Bedi have been served breach notices. We do not hold any of these in any high esteem. But they must have their freedom of expression. Bhushan has reacted strongly:

If speaking the truth or expressing our opinion in public interest is treated to be a breach of privilege by parliament or its members, then I think the time has come to re-examine as to what constitutes parliamentary privilege,' Bhushan told Times Now channel.

But he too stops well short of demanding a new constitution. We strongly recommend the making of a new constitution. The current constitution has failed. Our parliamentary system has failed. Team Anna members who are self proclaimed Mohandasians - we give a damn to Gandhism, Ishwara save us from Mohandasisms - are saying nothing on the failure of this constitution.

Since ancient times, Hindus have had freedom to air their views. After all even while Bhagwan Rama was alive, a washerman commented unfavorably on him. The washerman was not punished for his views. Now we continue to have the freedom to mock Bhagwan Rama, but we have lost the freedom to mock buffoons who are not even insignificant compared to Rama. We need to change that. When Bhagwan Rama is kind enough to grant us the freedom to express our views, none should restrict us in that freedom. We must be free to mock anyone, be that Muhammad, the parliament, Mohandas, Jawahar or anyone.

If Anna has a forceful drive for a change, he must also lead a movement for this freedom. And he can lead it by flouting the restrictions. That will be an even worthier fight. If team Anna mocks parliamentarians, Anna must mock the parliamentary system, Mohandas, Mohammad and so on. And Mr. Anna, you won't have to fast for this, you merely have to open your mouth and let go! Otherwise, we will continue to face this joke called breach of parliament!

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