Friday, September 23, 2011

Refusing to wear skull cap is NOT that significant, however refusing to understand Islam IS significant. A Truth Modi will do well to know.

During his Sadbhavana fast Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi ruffled not a few feathers when he refused to wear the skull cap offered to him by a Moslem cleric. However encouraging the act may appear, we must not read much into it for Modi has some Secular (read Muslim Appeasement) inclinations. While we congratulate Modi for his refusal, we are not overly impressed by it. Rather we are disturbed by the following item.

In a recent interview to Society Magazine, Narendra Modi had this to say about terrorism:

One of the major achievements of the Modi government is its success at keeping terror at bay even though the state shares a boundary with Pakistan. Even as the Al Qaeda has administered a threat letter to Modi, he refuses to lend terrorism any religious association. He explains, "It is not in good taste to associate terrorism with any religion. Terrorism has no religion and you cannot associate it with humanity. Someone who is human can't be a terrorist. Only the one who ceases to be a human being becomes a terrorist."

This is the typical "No Religion is Bad" platitude. Modi is ignoring the possibility, which is the fact, that Islam teaches that Muslims alone are humans and therefore Muslims need not treat non-Muslims on par with humans.

So when he is projected as the "Hindutva" supporting "right-wing" candidate for the post of PM, it does not mean much. Further, he was also being compared to Sardar Patel in the same article as if Sardar Patel was some solid red-blooded Hindu. Let us look at Sardar Patel as well.

Sardar Patel in his speech had once said (quoted from wikipedia):

I fully appreciate the fears of our brothers from [the Muslim-majority areas]. Nobody likes the division of India and my heart is heavy. But the choice is between one division and many divisions. We must face facts. We cannot give way to emotionalism and sentimentality. The Working Committee has not acted out of fear. But I am afraid of one thing, that all our toil and hard work of these many years might go waste or prove unfruitful. My nine months in office has completely disillusioned me regarding the supposed merits of the Cabinet Mission Plan. Except for a few honourable exceptions, Muslim officials from the top down to the chaprasis (peons or servants) are working for the League. The communal veto given to the League in the Mission Plan would have blocked India's progress at every stage. Whether we like it or not, de facto Pakistan already exists in the Punjab and Bengal. Under the circumstances I would prefer a de jure Pakistan, which may make the League more responsible. Freedom is coming. We have 75 to 80 percent of India, which we can make strong with our own genius. The League can develop the rest of the country.

Here Sardar Patel seems to catch a glimpse of the "Nation of Islam" mentality of Muslims. However, he soon followed it up with a lame speech (quoted from the same wikipedia article):

Here, in this same city, the blood of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims mingled in the bloodbath of Jallianwala Bagh. I am grieved to think that things have come to such a pass that no Muslim can go about in Amritsar and no Hindu or Sikh can even think of living in Lahore. The butchery of innocent and defenceless men, women and children does not behove brave men... I am quite certain that India's interest lies in getting all her men and women across the border and sending out all Muslims from East Punjab. I have come to you with a specific appeal. {boldface} Pledge the safety of Muslim refugees crossing the city. Any obstacles or hindrances will only worsen the plight of our refugees who are already performing prodigious feats of endurance. If we have to fight, we must fight clean. {boldface} Such a fight must await an appropriate time and conditions and you must be watchful in choosing your ground. To fight against the refugees is no fight at all. No laws of humanity or war among honourable men permit the murder of people who have sought shelter and protection. Let there be truce for three months in which both sides can exchange their refugees. This sort of truce is permitted even by laws of war. Let us take the initiative in breaking this vicious circle of attacks and counter-attacks. Hold your hands for a week and see what happens. Make way for the refugees with your own force of volunteers and let them deliver the refugees safely at our frontier.

Here the "Iron Man" is in the role of a soft appeaser masquerading as a reasonable man! What is the reputation of Islam in terms of "Laws of War"? Patel is completely ignorant about that. The Sardar is blissfully unaware what the founder and role-model of Islam did to Jewish tribes like Banu Qurayza. No reasonable dealings can ever happen with Islam! It is really really a pity that as far as Islam is concerned, Hindus have had only "Cotton-Men". There has been not a single "Iron Man". In the case of Sardar Patel as well, it looks as if he did not understand Islam for what it is. We are afraid that Modi will repeat the same mistake.

We need leaders who understand Islam for what it is. The text, the founder, its history and its role models. Without such an understanding the dangerous confusions will prevail and we Hindus will have to face their horrible consequences.

Refusing to wear skull cap is encouraging but NOT that significant. However, refusing to understand Islam for what it is, IS greatly significant. A greatly significant suicidal blunder!

As Hindus we must keep a very close watch on such matters, for it is a matter of survival. This is why we keep repeating that if there are not sufficiently Hindu leaders, don't despair, become ones!

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and send newer politicians from among yourselves. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be led by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. And surely they will lead you to your doom!

Sardar Patel may have been much better than Jawahar, and yet he was NOT good enough. He did not understand Islam for what it is. Modi will do well to learn the truth.

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