Friday, September 23, 2011

A Politician's Refusal to wear skull cap is an insult to Islam: So what?

Communists, Socialists and Muslims have this habit of pushing any civilized society on unnecessary defensive by their aggressive linguistic manipulations. The recent controversy on Narendra Modi's refusal to wear a skull cap offered by a Moslem cleric is a typical example. The Moslem cleric who offered the skull cap proclaimed that the refusal by Modi was an insult to Islam. Wow! That is great news. We are loving it! Islam deserves insults many more in number and much more in severity. After all it must get back what it has been giving until now to others.

Non-Muslims must keep in mind that Islam is universally contemptuous of anything other than Islam, Allah, Mahomet and Muslims. And it has been extremely severe in thought, word, as well as deeds. For the Hindus - the idolators - Islam has the choicest disdain. The Muslims do not even ever notice it! And Communists, Socialists, etc., are their partners in crime. In their hypocritical, nay deceptive tradition, all preachings whether of Secularism or Social Justice, are only for the Hindus. Their fingers point only at Sanatana Dharma and Hindus. Thus they will cry Secularism to subvert Secularism, cry Democracy to subvert Democracy, cry Class-inequality only to create a new Privileged-Class, and so on.

We must look at Moslems, Moslem clerics, Mayawati, Prakash and Brinda Karats, Laloo and Sharad Yadavs, Yechuries, with a very keen perception. And their bluff will atonce be obvious. If Islam, Communism, Social-Justice are feeling insulted more and more, they are merely beginning to get what they deserve!

We, as Hindus, must not fall prey to their linguistic manipulations; must have no default respect for terms like Secularism, Socialism, Social Justice and so on. We must boldly and openly declare and discuss the truth about all of these. Know and understand Islam for what it is, know and understand Secularism for what it is, and so on.

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