Sunday, September 25, 2011

Should we support Palestine or Israel? We must first support ourselves!

India has supported the creation of Palestine. What has it got in return? Well, we are yet to see. Most probably, more aid by OPEC to Pakistan and more Islamic Terror in India.

This is so typical of India and its politicians, who have no leadership qualities. A detailed analysis of our follies is beyond the scope of this post, but the first and foremost point that we must be clear about is that we must first support ourselves. When we are strong, we can and be charitable and so on. Otherwise, India always looks like a five year old child mediating between two underworld dons. Such acts can at best be a source of entertainment, but never have any substance.

The Palestine-Israel conflict is quite a complicated issue. It has a long history. It is about Judaism and Jews as much as about Islam and Muslims. Who are the experts in history in India who can advise government on policies related to such issues? The sow Romila Thapar and her illegitimate academic children? No way. They only specialize in distorting Indian history. They have been instrumental in poisoning our school text books. With all her pomposity let her make one observation about the Palestine-Israel conflict in any scholarly circle. We challenge that she won't be able to do even as much as exhale her views, leave alone expressing and defending them intellectually.

The fact is that there is hardly any history expertise in our country. historians like Jadunath Sarkar, R. C. Majumdar, K. S. Lal, Sitaram Goel etc., have been few and far between. And they were hardly heeded by our Secular History-Distorter self proclaimed experts!

Our view is that when we do not know, we must keep away. There will be a need to urgently acquire necessary expertise, but to begin with we must keep away and assiduously protect our self interests. Unfortunately, however, what is the ground reality?

1. Our Secular government is surrendering to Islamic cause by supporting Palestine.

2. Our so called Hindu Acharya Sabha is capitulating while describing essentials of Hinduism.

For example, in their joint declaration they wrote (see here):

"... This does not mean that Hindus worship 'gods' and 'idols'. The Hindu relates to only the One Supreme Being when he/she prays to a particular manifestation. "

Now, Judaism is against idol-worship as furiously as Islam is. The conflict between Judaism and Christianity is also partly based on this issue. Hindus have never mandated idol-worship as compulsory, however they have never considered it as sinful or wrong. In fact it is both accepted as well as respected. We are absolutely comfortable with the Puranic story that Bhgwan Venkateshwara of Tirupati has taken loan and is repaying it.

A more correct explanation is that the Hindu sees the material-world too permeated with consciousness. Thus a Hindu easily perceives life in stone and can feel related to it. The Hindu is comfortable accepting it as not only a starting point, but also as a perpetual goal. Thus, often the devotees of Rama do not want "liberation". They want to be born again and again as devotees of Rama! Similarly with Krishna, Durga, Shiva or any other. That is the domain of love of the devotee for the devoted. Don't these "Acharyas" know that there are devotees of Krishna who love only the Krishna of Vrindavan? Why is there this insistence on imposing this One-Supreme-Being understanding, even if it is "true"? Sanatana Dharma is not like the straight-jacketed approach that the semitic religions profess.

Similarly, if there was a joint declaration on idol-worship, what about cow-slaughter? What has the Acharya Sabha got to say on that?

Thus on one hand our Secular political leadership chooses to surrender to Palestinians or on the other hand our Hindu religious leadership sucks up to the Jews. Why this surrender? Why this assumption that Judaism and Hinduism surely have a common ground or understanding? We need not criticize Judaism, and they need to honor the same protocol. However, this can never be at the expense of clarity about ourselves. If Hindus accommodate idol-worship and Jews consider it sinful, there is no meeting ground, period. There is no point in stretching concepts merely for accommodation.

This is why we emphasize that we Hindus need to understand ourselves, have confidence in ourselves and be strong. In addition to political leadership, we also need to create spiritual and religious leadership for ourselves.

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