Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Italian-Ship Conspiracy?

One must be wary of imagining conspiracies where there are none, and this might be too early to be so sure that there is one here. However, we would like to share with our readers our thoughts on what the potential implications of the recent Italian Ship incident of the Kerala coast could be.

This ship incident off the coast of Kerala, in our opinion, is stage-managed. The guards, even after their trial in India, will be found to be not-guilty or only partially guilty (at worst guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder owing to accidental negligence), and the Italian government might grant huge compensations to the aggrieved families on humanitarian grounds. In most likelihood the guards will be set free and will return to Italy.

We surmise that this incident is merely a ploy to get Italy and India lock horns in an international dispute regarding criminal jurisdiction and mutual exchange of criminals. Eventually what this will facilitate is that in future whenever Sonia Gandhi and her family flee India and take a asylum/refuge in Italy, the Italians will refuse to extradite Sonia et al. for trial in India no matter what international law mandates. Please recall that Sonia (and possibly all her descendants) hold Italian passports. Thus, this is a safe exit strategy for Sonia et al. should such a necessity arise, which seems likley in view of her alleged role in the 2-G and other scams.

Of course, we earnestly hope that this is a figment of our fertile imagination and future events do not pan out this way. And yet we are afraid that this indeed is the case. Let us wait and see.

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