Saturday, February 11, 2012

Muslim Reservation and Muslim Separatism and its Solution

There may be moderates among those who call themselves Muslims, but There is NO Moderate Islam. Misleading terms like Jihadism, Islamism, Islamofascism etc., serve only one purpose; they delude the non-Muslims and thus empower Islam. Islam is the problem.

BJP leader Uma Bharati is opposing the election promise of reservation to Muslims in the UP Elections 2012. She claims that this will sow the seeds of another partition in the country. Rhetorically, this means that she does not want another partition of the country.

One of the most irritating features of the dumb-fuckery of our politicians is that they are so hell bent upon accommodating Muslims that for this cause they will go to any extent in sacrificing Hindu interests. For example, there are three fundamental lies that these politicians are willfully perpetrating regarding this reservation for Muslims issue.

First, they claim that Hindus and Muslims are together in this country and are living as ONE peoples. And then they deduce that Hinduism and Islam can live together.

Second, they tell us that promising reservation based on religion sows the seeds of Separation, and therefore they oppose reservations based on religion.

Third, they confidently declare that merely by denying or postponing Muslim-reservation, they will save the country from another partition.

We must at once realize that:

There are a lots of evil politicians who keep harping on the "peaceful coexistence" of Islam and Hinduism during the Islamic rule in India. Nothing can be farther from the truth. There was a continuous and sustained effort to convert all Indians into Muslims. It was only owing to sustained and brave resistance from the Hindus that this conversion or extinction of Hindus did not happen. The evil fool Mohandas taught us to drop all such resistance in the name of non-violence. Thus now we are even more precariously positioned than before.

The main point to grasp is that Islam can never live in peace with non-Islam. Islamic theology, Koran, Hadiths and Life of Mohammad along with 1400 years of history are testimony to the fact that Islam is perpetually at war (Dar-al-Harb) with non-Islam. Also, we know that Hinduism is NOT Islam, thus Hinduism and Islam can never stay together in peace, however much Hindus may delude themselves to believe otherwise.

When one knows that Hinduism and Islam can not stay together, one does not delude oneself into believing that partition is avoidable. The problem that we are facing is not because partition happened in 1947, but that the partition did not happen properly. Secondly, partition is bad only if it amounts to losing geographical land.

Reservation or no reservation, Islam will remain a problem to non-Islam and eventually it will either lead to partition or worse still it will lead to Islam taking over all regions not under Islamic rule and then converting, dhimmifying or killing them. Hindus have braved this onslaught for a thousand years and it will be imprudent not to learn from this history. Unfortunately, this onslaught is continuing under various guises like Secularism and so on.

Thus if Hindus want to live in peace, they have to separate themselves from Islam. Islam has already been given a place in Pakistan and Bangladesh which were carved out of Hindu lands. So Muslims must be encouraged to either convert to Hinduism or go to Pakistan. No Secularism please! Eventually, we must attain a situation where we have no border with an Islamic nation.

Pakistan is facing its own problems. Both Arab and Persian Muslims consider Muslims from the sub-continent inferior, and also club them with their South East Asian history (read Hinduism). Islam has nothing to offer to Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The best solution for them is to reconvert to Hinduism. After this, if they want, a larger Hindu union can be formed, not until then. The evil fool Mulayam Singh's idea of Pakistan-India-Bangladesh union will be suicidal if it is not preceded by Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh leaving Islam and converting to Hinduism. However, it is for THEM to decide, and it is not for US, the Hindus, to save them.

In our previous post we recommended that Swamy must create his own Hindu Alliance rather than join NDA. The purpose was to emphasize the point that now it is time for Hindus to unite and those who want to join this unity must shun poisonous ideologies like Secularism, Islam and so on. This is not the time for Hindus to prove that they are Secular, rather this is the time for Seculars to realize their mistake and join the Hindus after shunning Secularism. Otherwise, they can join the Muslims, who they have been patronizing until now, and both of them must go and live in Jinna's Secular, Zia's Islamic Republic, Pakistan.

Coming back to the problem of Separatism, it is not reservation based upon religion, rather it is reservation itself that sows the seed of Separation. So if one wants to oppose Separatism, one must oppose reservation itself. Otherwise, we will still be facilitating separatism under a different name, say Dalitistan etc.

Thus the solution lies in Discrediting and Separating from Islam, and Discrediting and Discontinuing Secularism and Reservation.

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