Friday, February 10, 2012

A Suggestion for Subramanian Swamy: Don't join NDA; Create a New Hindu Alliance

The grapevine has it that the RSS wants Shri Subramanian Swamy to be inducted into BJP. Since this move is being resisted by some powerful lobby in the BJP, the RSS wants the Janata Party to join the National Democratic Alliance. Shri Swamy himself has stated that the engagement is over and marriage is awaited and is likely to happen anytime.

In our opinion, this joining or merger will surely not be a good thing. Indian political spectrum has always been on far left. All our political parties and alliances (including fake alliances in the name of Hindutva) are too much left of the center. Our political horizon consists of three groups of parties. Far Left, Farther Left, and Farthest Left. See the list below:

Far Left:

BJP is "true-Secular" which apologizes if any "communal" event happens.

Other members of the NDA (National Dumb-Fuck Alliance) are "Socialists" (Lohiaites like Sharad Yadav) and "Keep-Modi-Away Secularists" like Nitish Kumar.

Farther Left:

Congress is anti-Hindu and UPA is a bunch of Ajit-Singh-like un-principled asses.

The Third (third-rate) front is unable to decide whether it is more anti-Hindu or more pro-Corruption thus they keep vacillating between Congress and Communists.

Farthest Left:

The Communists are staunch anti-Hindu and pro-Islam, pro-Christian etc.

Under these circumstances, Shri Subramanian Swamy would be making a strategic and tactical mistake if he or his party joins the NDA. And it will also be a great disservice to his own self-admitted cause of Hindu Revival. For example, the first and foremost consequence of Swamy joining NDA will be that Keep-Mody-Away Nitish Kumar would dispute the Islamic-Terror article by Swamy. If Swamy reaffirms his stand Keep-Modi-Away Nitish Kumar will leave NDA, and if Swamy retracts his stand he would be beginning his campaign by a betrayal or truth. He would then appear to be the Failed-to-build-Ram-Temple but promising-to-build-Ram-Rajya BJP! Worse still, this might lay the foundation of a future Rahul-Priyanka type government in exactly the same manner as the post 1992 BJP performance and compromises by the BJP (NDA) led to the enthronement of Sonia.

In our opinion, it will be far more effective if he built his own alliance (say Hindu Alliance) which other parties, people, and candidates could join if they agreed on some (say yet to be defined) Hindu-Agenda. It appears that Shri Swamy has support of Baba Ramdev and good wishes of many anti-corruption aficionados. Shri Swamy should rather initiate a process to select in some appropriate manner three to five thousand good persons (pro-Hindu and Clean) from which candidates for Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections can be selected. The criterion of pro-Hindu and cleanliness (freedom from corruption) must be strictly non-negotiable, preferably on signing of an oath with some legal and moral binding. Secular tendencies of Baba Ramdev, anti-Corruption aficionados, and the RSS must be clearly, squarely and mercilessly rejected. Thus the Hindu-Alliance must be an independent umbrella under which capable, committed and capable persons could gather. Even if parliamentary elections happen by this year end, Shri Swamy would have enough time on his hands to select a few thousand persons under the formulation of a non-negotiable Hindu-Agenda.

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