Friday, February 24, 2012

Incompetent and Corrupt Legislature, Executive and Judiciary

The Supreme Court Judgment on the Ramlila incident has finally completed the circle (news here). Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary are all Evil Dumb-Fucks. The debates on various tv shows (and are expected to in the near future) betrayed an abysmal lack of propriety on part of the sympathizers of the state.

As we had mentioned earlier, whether the gathering at the Ramlila grounds was lawful or not must be considered irrelevant here. Even if the gathering was there hatching a political conspiracy against the central government, and even if the gathering comprised of young adult males between ages 18 and 40, and even if it was at 12-noon, the action by the police was plain wrong.

The court and many of the Congress leaning panelists opined that despite police aggression Baba Ramdev and his followers should not have offered even token resistance; and this in our view is an contemptuously evil and utterly complete subversion of any sense of justice. Such self anointed moaralists would have advocated even a semblance of a token resistance by the gathering in Jalian Wala Bagh as wrong and immoral. Is it a surprise that Mohandas recommended to the Jews, during their calamitous days, that they should surrender to their enemies and achieve a moral victory! It is the same Mohandas who, after annointing himself as Truth-embodiment, pledged that the country could be divided only on his dead body, and yet lived on shamelessly for months after the bloodiest partition in the history. Similarly, all those who advocate implicit trust in the morality of the Congress led UPA will do well to remember that during emergency, the police, under orders from higher ups, was force-feeding human and animal excreta to many of the jailed politicians from the opposition. The deserter wind-bag from the BJP will know better! We have had enough of these hypocrites. It is high time we spotted them and socked them as well.

Coming back to the issue:

1. The simple fact is that Baba Ramdev had been squatting along with his supporters in the Ramlila Maidan for a few days and the whole administration was in the KNOW that this was so.

2. There had been not even a whiff of a hint of a shred of a trace of a clue of violence during all the duration while the gathering was squatting there.

3. Regarding the police action, there are only two possibilities, viz., it was planned or it wasn't planned.

3a. If police did not plan the action then they are responsible for the tragedy for it is their DUTY to come prepared with a plan. For the police, failing to plan is same as planning to fail, and that betrays sheer incompetence.

3b. If the police did make a plan then it MUST have been in their plan to make an authentic video-recording of the COMPLETE action that followed and produce such a recording as evidence of their innocence.

4. Similarly, the police acted under orders from the higher authorities, or they acted on their own.

4a. If the police acted on their own then the whole contingent that was involved has to be tried for the brutal crime.

4b. If the police acted under orders from the higher authorities then those members must also be included in the accused list and tried for the brutal crime.

5. The whole chain of command deserves exemplary punishment.

All other issues are plainly irrelevant. We ALL know that our legislature and executive are utterly CORRUPT. To believe that the Judiciary is free from corruption is pure naivete. It is no use deluding ourselves. We need a Hindu reawakening. Also, we Hindus need to fight for New Constitution, and for that we need new leaders.

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