Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two types of Villains support Reservations: Traitors and Terrorists

For a change we begin with the conclusions:

1. After as many as sixty five years after providing reservation, those who still talk of reservation are traitors.

2. Merely after sixty five years after a bloody partition based on religion, those who again talk of reservation based on religion are terrorists.

When some folly happens for the first time it may be viewed as a slip, second time it is a mistake, third time it is foolishness, fourth time it is arrogant foolishness, and then it must be understood as a much greater malaise. B. R. Ambedkar, who had a correct grasp of the nature of Islam, fell for the Leftist trap of affirmative action for the alleged down trodden. That was a slip. However, he did stipulate it for just 10 years extendable to a maximum of about 20 years. The extensions were mistakes. At the end of 20 years, the lessons must have been learned. That, whatever you incentivize, you will have more of it. Give reservation to backward people and the number of backward people will increase. Give free/cheap food to the poor and the number of poor will increase. This has been borne out time and again. Affirmative action by the state does not bring about progress in the recipients, it merely fosters a sense of entitlement in them.

Thus the results of sixty five years of reservations are plain and obviously staring at our faces. A growing number of groups demanding reservations, and a growing number of political parties seeking votes on the basis of reservations.

Why do people demand "social justice," and not simply "justice"? Is it because the things they want are not just? Is that why they add the word "social" onto "justice," creating a new concept that bears no relationship to justice, but employs the word "justice" and elicits - from the leftists and their various clients and dupes -the same emotional and moral response as the word "justice."

Justice, while often difficult to apply in particular situations, at its core has a simple meaning: what is due. It means that people receive what is due to them. Since they demand, not justice, but "social justice," this tells us that the things that are demanded on behalf of the various leftist clients, minorities, and victim groups are not due to them. Moreover they will make it seem as if it is due, and will keep doign so forever! Thus, they are forever calling for more and more reservations, even though the demands are not just.

Thus, this perpetual and ever increasing demand for reservation must be seen for what it is: Traitorous tendency, and the politicians proposing them must be seen for what they are: Traitors.

Similarly, those who ignore the monstrously bloody partition which happened merely sixty five years ago - which itself was a culmination of a long sequence of follies - and have begun to propose reservations for Muslims must be understood for what they are: Terrorists.

That is the status of a large number of our politicians. Traitors and Terrorists. And now that we know their true colors, we must give them what is due to them. A comprehensive and total destruction of their political careers.

This is why we tirelessly repeat our call.

O Hindus, realize that no politician is representing you! So you need to choose and elect new politicians from among yourselves who will represent your interests. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people amongst you with spine to become your representatives. Refuse to be led and manipulated by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. These clones will lead you to your doom! Say NO to them.

If you do not find able leaders, become ones, at least strive to become ones, and also work towards making abler future leaders.

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