Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indian Political Theatre in India needs a Vertical Split.

After the anti-Modi startup by Keshubhai Patel, now the old ass Advani is targetting Modi. Now, we are no fans of Modi. Modi is a Leftist (much less Socialist than  CPM possibly but leftist-Socialist none the less) and anti-Hindu (though of a milder variety than Monamohan's Muslim League etc. but anti-Hindu none the less). Modi's constant talk of welfare of the poor and his recent efforts to woo the minorities (read Muslims) go on to show our point.

However, what surprises us is that the old ass is now braying against Modi. This is the same ass who once prided in being compared to Sardar Patel (Phew, as if the Sardar was any great pro-Hindu!) while the ass's master (the old wind bag Hajpeyee) was gloating in the glory of his comparison to Jawahar.

Advani - who has blabbered in the past about his assinine versions of Hindutva along side the dim-wit Mohan Bhagwat - during his last breaths is trying to be a Hajpeyee. So the Sardar-clone wants to turn into a Jawahar-clone! This is very similar to Ramdev's Rahimdev act in the recent past. With Modi too going the minorityism way, the Hindus have a battle on their hands!

In our opinion, and we have repeatedly expressed this view, the political theater in India needs a complete face-lift. Presently, there are left parties, far left parties, damn left parties,  and then there are BJP, Congress, CPM (the so called left) etc., moving further leftwards. Similarly there are anti-Hindu parties, damn-anti-Hindu parties, violently-anti-Hindu parties, and then there are BJP and the rest becoming progressively anti-Hindu. We do not even have a mildly-anti-Hindu party leave alone a Hindu-neutral party. Similarly we do not even have a mild-left-party leave alone a Center.

For BJP - which should actually be known as Besharam (Shameless) Jawahar Party - to imagine itself as center-right and pro-Hindutva is nothing but height of deception and self-delusion. The NDA, with strong Socialist and Secular pull from the likes of Nitish Kumar, and with hopes of inducting mad-Mamata (Muslim backside licker) into its fold, is a forlorn case.

For any small step towards level playing field for the Hindus, we need a vertical split in the political spectrum. We have no hope for a Hindu-neutral Center. However, the only hope for a least anti-Hindu small-left beginning has been Narendra Modi. And look who is targeting him? The BJP itself! Advani seems to be batting for Sonia now. The stupid Rajnath - this was the guy who along with Kalraj Mishra and Lalji Tandon was responsible for the ill treatment meted out to Kalyan Singh who had twice sacrificed his government for the philanderer wind-bag's soft corner for Mayawati - and the old rat MM Joshi are with the Sardar-clone.

The RSS who seems to favor Nitin Gadkari - Ishwara knows why! - too has been shooting poisonous pins (if not arrows) at Modi. Sanjay Joshi being his Man-Friday. Modi must surely be criticized for his minority-appeasement gestures or his Socialist leanings. He can not be criticized for being "dictatorial"; for he is the only CM who has been braving all the blame as a leader must. We must realize that the "collective responsibility" model (including the Parliamentary System) has thoroughly failed to deliver. For decades we have been struggling with collection-of-crooks with collective-zero-responsibility syndrome. Lakhs and Lakhs of Crores and Crores of rupees have been stolen, squandered, lost and wasted and yet we have never been able to fix the responsibility! Manmohan, the actually-very-dirty-pretending-to-be-clean man, has been presiding over the most evil government ever - second possibly to Jawahar's - and yet no blame has fallen on anyone, no heads have rolled and the turban seems comfortable enconsed on the deceptive head!

Does that mean that Modi needs to learn nothing about good-governance? Not at all. He still is short on many many fronts. But what his detractors allege have no grain of truth in them. The allegations against Modi seem to be wailing of the frustrated lot. Frustrated at the success of a man who has risen from a modest social and economic background. Did Modi have a hand in violence? Possibly yes, especially in the death of the 250 Hindus who died in Police firings, but surely not in the death of 700 others who died and who are propagandized to be Muslims.

Any aspiring leader of Hindus needs to learn to be a Hindu, and a proud Hindu at that. He needs to be free from guilt that is usually heaped on the Hindus by their enemies. Anti-Hindus have infinitely more skeletons in their cupboards than they allege that there are in the Hindu cup-boards. A Hindu-leader must learn to represent the Hindus instead of trying to be a leader of all. All the so called leaders of "all" have been anti-Hindus, starting from Mohandas.

A Hindu leader must be able to say not only boldly but rather also in a matter of fact manner that: We are Hindus, we want a Hindu homeland, and we begin with Bharat. We want a Hindu Constitution where we decide how we will live. And when we say we, we MEAN WE. We are not egalitarian, for we are pro-freedom and pro-Truth. We proudly believe in Varna, but in the varna of the Bhagwadgita and not what is practised by Lalu Yadavs, Mayawatis etc., or the self proclaimed Brahmins who are actually not even shudras. We are Hindus who revere sage Valmiki at whose hermitage Bhagwati Sita delivered her two sons. We are Hindus who revere Eklavya. And we are Hindus who pride in acharyas like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhwacharya and numerous such.

We are Hindus who must candidly tell Muslims that you either made a mistake or your ancestors were raped and forced in to conversion. We tell Christians similarly that you were fooled and bribed into conversion.

We also castigate the self-proclaimed Brahmins (many of whom are not even Shudras) for alienating the larger Hindu Society. We invite the Muslim-converts and Christian-converts back home.

On these points, if Modi needs to be chastized, we are all for it. But for Golwalkarites like Gadkari and Sanjay Joshi and their friends in the RSS, who are hell bent upon Secularising (read strongly anti-Hinduising) the already anti-Hindu BJP, to sermon Modi to soften himself is to be rejected at once.

Let there be a vertical split in the Political spectrum with Modi detractors joining the strongly anti-Hindu "secular" front. RSS and BJP will do the Hindus and Bharat a great favor by expelling Modi from their party and fold so that he can stand alone and invite willing Hindus to join him. And we assure you, Hindus will join him in hundreds of millions if not in billions.

And Modi must remain aware that he is not the default choice for Hindus. Hindus must always be ready to throw out anti-Hindu politicians. Hindus must always be willing to become their own leaders and fight for their rightful place.

May Ishwara give us the Desired Clarity, Resolve and the Strength.

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