Friday, December 10, 2010

Modi has two enemies: LeT and Thayee (Sushma Swaraj)

MS informs us that LeT was plotting to kill Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. I am sure they would have had a friend in BJP! Thayee (Ms Swaraj) was attempting to kill Mr Modi politically during the recent Bihar polls. Of course, if LeT had succeeded, Thayee would have used Modi's picture to win an election for herself!

This is the level to which we have reduced ourselves!

BJP calls this American inaction! Did they raise the issue as to why visa was denied to Modi when President Obama visited? No. The "leaders" in the BJP (read LKA, Jaswant Sigh, Arun Jaitley, and Sushma Swaraj) do not consider anyone other than themselves (and do not want anyone else other than themselves) National Leaders! So how does it matter if Modi was denied a visa? what is more important is that SR Khan was groped as security measure! So you see the conclusion! BJP sees all Muslims as peaceful, but Modi as mass-murderer!

So beware, it is not merely LeT which is trying to assassinate Modi. And the numbers who are trying to kill Hinduism (sanatana dharma) is much larger!

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