Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Let Manmohan fool the nation again!

We are talking about a hypothetical scenario. This is just a surmise. We will be happy if the nation does not get fooled, but we are afraid that we, as a nation, may come close to that.

In some time, Manmohan will tender his resignation, and start crying in front of the camera. His statements will be to the effect: "I am a great patriot. I have always been honest. Until now, my hands were tied. I was eating their (UPA! not Congress) salt, and I could not betray them. Now that I am out, I can speak the truth boldly." On and on and on, he will go while the corrupt and EVIL media will give him prime time. Suddenly he will ask for forgiveness and ...

Anna, Baba, Subramanian Swamy, the BJP, the CPM will join the chorus and pardon him. They will concede that Manmohan has always been an honest man.

And then Manmohan will complain about the problems of coalition governments and seek blessings for Dog-Singh's pupil, the son of a witch, Rahul; and the people of the nation will vote Congress back to power.

Do we wish it? NO. Do we fear this? Partially yes. Therefore, we request you to spread the message: Don't let Manmohan fool the nation again.

Throw away Secularism, throw away Socialism, Fight for a New Independence, Fight for a New Constitution, Fight for reawakening Sanatana Dharma.

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