Friday, August 12, 2011

An Indecent Proposal ...

How many secular people live in India? We often have this question. Most politicians claim that most of the Indians are secular. Of course what they do not tell you is that being secular means Muslim-appeasement. Pakistani politicians also say that Pakistan is a secular country! For Islam is a Religion of Peace (My foot!) and there is no compulsion in religion in Islam. Ask any secular and he will vouch for that. We have heard it maddeningly often times.

Thus there are only one category of people who are not secular. They are Hindu-Fundamentalists. For the sake of argument, let us suppose that most Indians are secular, and only a small fraction is Hindu-Fundamentalist, whatever that means. And we are tempted to ask a "mad question".

What if: The Hindu-Fundamentalists demand a "small piece of land", for example Pakistan or Jammu and Kashmir for themselves, and the rest of the land can be used for the secular people. Thus, Hindu-fundamentalists will cross over to Pakistan, will name it say, Sanatana Bharat, and the rest of the subcontinent can be named Pakistan-A secular-Islamic Nation. All the peaceful followers of the religion of peace along with secular Indians can live in that.

Does it sound mad? May be, but what is wrong in getting the opinion of the people. We would like to ask the following question:

Assume that we are living in 1946. Assume that there is a proposal to divide the then-India into three parts:

Region-A. For Muslim Fundamentalists (whatever that means).

Region-B. For Hindu Fundamentalists (whatever that means).

Region-C. For Religion of Peace along with Seculars.

Where would you like to live?

We wish some agency will conduct this kind of opinion-poll. And it might also throw some light on a possible practical solution to many problems!

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