Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow! What an Independence!

Just after we reminded our readers, we were vindicated, as if by a providential coincidence so to speak, by this news. The title of the news item makes the message amply clear: Delhi Police refuse Hazare permission to fast.

Where are our constitutional experts to tell us that the government has the right to refuse a peaceful protest, blah, blah, blah? Manmohan showed his true color yesterday by shifting the burden on Delhi administration. Manmohan's office is actually not involved in anything! It is just an out-office for Sonia.

Now, we hope that our readers will understand why we have been terming Anna, Baba and such company DFs. We are no admirers of Mohandas, but we suppose even in British ruled India, Mohandas never had to take any permission to undertake his protests! And in so called independent India, a citizen, a Gandhian has to seek permission to fast? And we are a free country? No way! We seem to be a Congress colony!

There is no use fasting in this country. Those who burn women and children in train coaches have their saviors in DIGs and IGPs, but not those who want to fast! Oh of course, the simplest explanation eluded us for so long. Now it is clear that those who burnt the train coaches in Gujarat had taken, and were granted, the permission from the Congress. Simple, isn't it?

Don't fast old man, Fight. Anna, Baba, and all your followers! You need to shelve that Mohandasian prescription of fast unto death. You need to undertake Chandrashekhar Azadian prescription of fight unto death. Both at intellectual level and physical level.

We are not independent. Muslims may be free (to perpetrate terror), Congress-persons may be free (to perpetrate corruption), but we are NOT free. And nobody can give you freedom, it is you who have to assert your freedom.

And Anna (and your followers), understand the game of divide and conquer being played by the nouveau-British. We had pointed this out as early as on June 7, 2011 that the Congress will play this game. And yet Anna and Baba fell into the trap. Dear readers, please do not think that we are smart, not at all. We are stating the obvious. This is what the Congress has done on all issues. Rather, those who do not see the obvious are DFs.

We do not need to merely throw this government. We need to decimate and destroy this government. They are not merely corrupt or criminals, they are EVIL. And EVIL must GO.

We do need to throw a few things. We need to throw, Secularism, Socialism, and such Evil thoughts. And we need to enshrine the search for Truth in Freedom and Responsibility; we need to reawaken Sanatana Dharma. Until we do that, we will only be changing our colonial masters, but we will continue as a colony.

May Durga, the goddess of Shakti, give us the strength and resolve to attain and retain freedom.

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