Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where does the buck stop Mr. Montek?

When Anna Hazare praised Narendra Modi he was accused of communalism and an ideological weakling that Anna is, he quickly retracted. Now when Montek Singh Ahluwalia defends Manmohan Singh, what is the press going to accuse him of? Should Montek and Manmohan be called members of Khalistan Brigade, or should Montek be accused of being hand in glove with corruption?

This is the double game of collective-responsibility and individual-exculpation! Montek must come out open on one thing: Who is ultimately responsible in this country? Where does the buck stop? Will you answer this Mr. Ahluwalia? With such rampant corruption charges either the whole central cabinet must resign, or the whole parliament must resign leading to new elections, or at the minimum the Prime minister must go! Of course, since Congress-persons are cast in shameless Jawahar mold, they never resign. They are bloody uncouth crooks, while a large section of the media is their agent.

This is why we believe that we are going towards a civil war. Please note that the west is reeling under a spat of black-on-white rampage mob crimes. In the recent past, there have been many in the USA (see here as well), Some (see for example here) in Canada, and the latest is in London (see here). This is exactly similar to Muslims-on-Hindus criminal violence, and the down-trodden-on-the-privileged violence in India. For example, recently the RPI (Republican Party of India) has threatened the theaters in Maharashtra against screening Akarshan, a film on reservation. We are sure the film will be a damp-squib as Indian Film Industry as as much Secular and Socialist as our news media is.

The wealth producing tax paying section is sermonized on peace, tolerance, social justice and such crap, while the Muslims, Christians, the SC/STs and the OBCs are taught about their victim-hood. All this is done so that this large section of have-nots can vote themselves to the ownership of the wealth of the haves. This is the history of India's affirmative-action program. Reservations leading to more reservations, minority-ism leading to even more minority-ism, and all of this at the expense of the hard-working people belonging to Sanatana Dharma.

The Congress does this, the CPI does this, the RJD does this, the media does this ... And how long can this sustain? An ill designed and ill functioning system must crash, and that crash is the civil unrest. Our political leaders are busy stashing money in foreign banks assuming that after this ship called India sinks they will go and live in peace and luxury in those havens. Just like the dreams of many erstwhile despots. It will be great fun to see the reaction of these uncouth crooks when they discover themselves under attack from flash-mobs in these supposed havens. However, it will be much better if they meet their deserved fate in India.

The burning of the petrol inspector (see here), the action against peaceful demonstrators, the rampant corruption are all ominous signs. We may choose to be dumb-fucks and go to sleep, but reality can not be denied for long. After decades of Jawaharian Socialism, the nation had to renounce that and resort to liberalization in the nineties; similarly we will have to renounce Secularism-Socialism-Mohandasism etc., and resort to Sanatana Dharma. Otherwise, and mark my words, Sanatana Dharma can survive without us, but we will not survive without Sanatana Dharma!

Coming back to Mr. Montek: So the question is not whether Manmohan is clean or not, Manmohan is not clean, but the question is why is Montek defending him? And the more important question is, how long will such hanky panky will last before the whole thing crashes?

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