Friday, August 12, 2011

Dumb-Fucks faking Wisdom! Lalu, Sharad et al.

In a new item, the Muslim news paper of India, the Hindu reported that Lalu Yadav is displeased with the onslaught of western culture on India. He wants to defend Indian Culture. Hmmm.

Lalu was joined by none other than another Mandal commission missionary Sharad Yadav! He and some similar others criticized, Homosexuality, Valentine's Day, Slut Walk (recently held in Delhi), chatting, Facebook and Internet.

It looks as if Lalu is worried that his wife might run away with some young lad. Stupid A**-hole. As per the news item: "... Several members, cutting across party lines, found logic in Mr. Prasad's observations. ...". Other included CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh, RJD president Lalu Prasad and the BSP's Vijay Bahadur Singh who warned against blindly aping the U.S. and West. So a group of dumb-fucks faking wisdom?

Amongst other things, this dumb-fuck asked "... Where is this country of saints and sages headed for, ...". This is the same fool who terms anything even remotely related to Hinduism as communal. He thinks RSS and BJP are fascist and communal parties. Please note that these politicians regularly host iftaar parties during Ramzan. Don't they know that as far as India is concerned, even Islam came from the west?

These dumb-fucks fail to realize that all the ills that they are wailing against are outcomes of Secularism and Socialism who are founded upon materialism and liberalism. The well from which they have been drawing water of Social Justice is the same well from which homosexuality and slut-walk too come out.

We challenge all these dumb-fucks to elaborate what they think Indian Culture is. For them Indian Culture is Manuwaad, and they have been opposing Manuwaadi forces! So now have they changed their opinion on Manu?

Hindus must strongly oppose such chameleon politicians and their parties. Anyone who has been slinging mud at Sanatana Dharma and Varnashrama Dharma, as communalism and Manuwaad, and has been opposing them in the name of Secularism and Social Justice is a poisonous dumb-fuck. Hindus must shun them, and flush them out.

We mention here that we do not claim to be sole keepers of Sanatana Dharma and/or Varnashrama Dharma, nor do we claim to be any great authorities on them. We also note that there have been lots of confusions about many issues related to these concepts.

However, we strongly oppose and have nothing but unalloyed disdain for those who have, until now, been showing utter disregard for Sanatana Dharma. Hindus must teach them strong lessons.

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