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After 65 years of Secularism (Minority Appeasement) and Social-Justice (Reservations) : Islam against Bharat Mata! Dalits against Anna Hazare!!

After nearly seventy years of Secularism (read Muslim Appeasement, for example), we read this. The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid said:

Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid has criticized Anna’s movement and said, “Vande Matram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai are against Islam.” We can’t support that movement which is anti-muslims.

“Muslims can’t join the movement which is against basic tenets of Islam”, he said.

“Islam doesn’t condone the worship of nation and mother so how can muslims join this movement?”, he said.

Though Anna’s ally in war against corruption Shanti Bhushan has opposed Narendra Modi firmly in his role in Gujarat riots but this doesn’t affect Shahi Imam. But, Bukhari thinks Anna’s agenda should have been communalism not corruption.

Bukhari has accused Anna of his alleged role in politics and he is working at the behest of RSS and the BJP.

Similar report also appears here where there are tens of signatories including Seculars, Gandhians!

It is the most unfortunate that Muslim intellectuals and semi religious and educational institutions controlled by religious leaders are actively campaigning against the anti corruption movement. Darul Uloom Deoband which was recently in the news for undemocratically removing the elected vice chancellor Vastanvi , openly issued dictation, one may call it fatwa, not to support anti corruption movement Vice-Chancellor (V-C) of Darul Uloom, Deoband, Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani OPPOSED ANNA. He declared ” Deoband is not associated with Anna Hazare in any manner“.

Milli Council joined anti- Anna capaign. Its General secretary declares Anna’s campaign as an invitation to anarchy. “Opportunistic elements are trying to ride to power on an Anna wave like they did on the Jaya Prakash Narayan bandwagon in 1977,” Manzoor Alam, secretary general of Milli Council writes in an article titled, “Anarchy is not the option.”

Moreover, things are not confined to Deoband , Muslim intellectuals from all over the country wrote letter to the Prime Minister manmohan Singh. They called this movement as undemocratic, against the parliamentary democracy and indirectly hinted him to suppress it with the state power! Following is the extract of the letter and the name of the signatories:

“…We fail to appreciate the manner in which Anna Hazare and his supporters are leading the anti-corruption campaign. Notwithstanding the support from the people-at-large, only the naive would fail to notice the organized forces that are behind Anna Hazare’s campaign.

“It would be extremely dangerous for the future of our country if through Anna Hazare and his team-mates, the corporate world (read media) and the fascist forces like RSS can be allowed to hold the country to ransom on the ostensible non-political issue of corruption, then the day would not be far when similar tactics would be adopted for even patently divisive issues that are dear to the Hindutva pariv>ar.”


1.Faisal khan – NAPM -Delhi
2. Irom Singhjit, Irom Sharmila’s Brother
3. Dr. Raoof Makhdoomi, (Jammu & Kasmir)
4. Balwant Singh Yadav, Gandhian Activist, (Himachal Pradesh)
5. Dayaan hussain -Advocate -ASSAM
6. R. kauser -socaial activist -west Bengal
7. Abhisar Sarmandal, (Madhya Pradesh)
8. Shadab Bashar, Student Leader (Bihar)
Nasir pathan –RTI activist -Gujrat
9. Ehtisham Hashmi- Advocate –MP
10. Mohammad Iqbal, (Bihar)
11. Saurabh Kumar, (UP)
12. Zaid Kamal, (UP)
13. kaleemullah – Social activist – BIHAR
14. Shahab Ul Haque- J & K
15. Nazim Abbasi – Musician,New Delhi
16. Wassem Khan – Saudi Arab
17. Fahad Hasan – Ajk Mass Communication, J.M.I
18. Shakeel Ahmed- Management Student,Delhi
19. Maulana Mujeeb Qasmi – Student ,Deoband
20. Mohsin Ali – NSAF,Saharanpur
21. Danish Qureshi- J.M.I,New Delhi
22. Syed Perwaiz- Journalist
23. Mohammad Tanveer Iqbal, asian Centre for Social Studies, (Chennai)
24. Hira Makwana, Dalit Activist, (Gujrat)
24. Inam ul Hasan, Khudai Khidmatgar Movement, (Puducheri)
25. Enab Khizra – Pioneer Foundation of India
26. Maulana Feroz- Kargil student forum
27. Mohd.Asghar-Social Activist,Orissa
28. Mohd.Ahmed,Asha Pariwaar,Haryana
29. Mohd.Anwar-K.K.Trust,Chennai
30. Dr.Zakia Akhtar – Research Scholar,New Delhi
31. Mohd.Abid.Youth movement of India,Bhilwara,Rajasthan
32. Syed.Ali Akhtar- Yuva Koshish,New Delhi
33. Mehboob Subhani-Student leader-Nillor A.P
34. Maulana.Fateh mohd.Nadwi-U.P
35. Shah Alam-Filmmaker-Ayodhya
36. Shariq Ahmed- Advancement of social Action,Uttarakhand
37. Jabir Boga- Social Activist,Vapi,Gujarat
38.Shehnaz Jamalbhai Malek, Vishwa Gujrati Samaj, (Gujrat)
39. Shamsul Rehman- Advocate ,Assam
40. Zahid Khan- Journalist,New Delhi
41. Bilal Kagzi, Civil Rights Activists
42. Farah Kausar – Student,DelhiA
43. Shawaiz Danish-P.N. ,Delhi
44. Shoaib Akhtar- P.N.I
45. Dr.Zubair Ahmed – Medical Student,Ghaziabad
46. Asif Mazhar Ansari- S.S Engineering college,Mumbai
47. Mohd.Tariq-M.S.W, Aligarh Muslim University
48. Salaman- Asha Pariwar-Delhi
49. Danish Ahmed- Political Activist, Gujarat
50. Dr.Islam- Jind,Haryana
51. Mohd.Gufran Khan –Prominent Photographer
52. Mohd.Shafi- Social Activist,Godhra,Gujarat
53. Deedar Singh, Kisan Neta (Haryana)
54. Milind Sagare, Dalit Activist, Gujrat
55. Neeraj Gupta, Lohia Vichar Manch, (Bihar)
56. Mohd.Kaunain Rizvi- Haideri Foundation
57. S.Aleemuddin- Khera,Gujarat
58. Ghulam Rabbani- Social Activist,Delhi
59. Feroz Vani-Social Activist,Srinagar
60. Yousuf Ansari-Chairman-Salam India Foundation
61. Fazal Abbas-Social Activist
62. S.Mohd.Akhtar- Software Engineer-Gurgaon
63.Asad Ashraf Social Activist
64. Dr. Kush Kumar Singh, (Rajasthan)
65. Ehsan Raza, (Bihar)
66. Gurmukh Singh, (Haryana)
67. Qamar Intekhab, Khudai Khidmatgar, (Uttar Pradesh)
68. Aftab Fazil, Eduacationist
69. Adeel Khan, Delhi
70. Zishan Ghizali, UP
71. Rashad Iqmal, Orissa

Recall that Anna and his team distanced themselves from Narendra Modi! So Mr. Anna and his team, do you still like the taste of Imami-backside or the Secular-behind? Do you realize that the support of the BJP (and Sangh Parivar) was crucial to you? Do you still want to continue with Mohandasian DF-ery? Recall that Anna gave a clean chit to Manmohan recently, while he exhibited disdainful attitude towards Baba Ramdev.

In our opinion, if Anna does not get his head right in addition to mending his ways, he will turn out to be a second Mohandas, and wreck untold miseries upon Hindus. Hindus must see this clear and present danger urgently.

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