Saturday, August 6, 2011

If B S Yeddy then why not Sheila Dikshit, P Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh too?

The resignation drama in Karnataka is over. B S Yeddyurappa resigned and D V Sadananda Gowda has been elected as the new CM. One of the best things that happened was that the new CM was elected through a secret ballot. If political parties shun high-command-culture and follow democratic principles, many of the ills will reduce. It is unfortunate that most political parties go for high-command-culture in most matters. In that sense the BJP has set a good precedent in Karnataka.

Returning to the demand of resignations from tainted ministers, now it is the turn of Delhi CM Dikshit, Home minister Chidambaram, and the master of them all Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Singh has had the luxury of being known as Mr. Honest while overseeing the most evil (second to Jawahar et al.) and most corrupt government in India. It is high time that he is made to stand up to be counted.

However, as far as we can see, the BJP is being foolish if they think that they can make Congress ministers resign because a BJP CM has set a precedent. Nope! Congress is a group of seasoned and veteran shameless uncouth crooks. They can talk well and make a gullible person fall for their tricks. And yes, when it comes to treachery BJP is an infant compared to Congress. BJP or any sane party must invest their effort in educating the voters, rather than hoping that Congress will ever have a change of heart. Congress can at best fake a change of heart.

Unfortunately we have been a nation of more than a billion dumb fucks. Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in 1975, committed abominable atrocities on innumerable citizens, but was forgiven in 1979-80 elections by the voters! Her father lost the China war, mostly because of his own dumb-fuckery, and yet shamelessly clung to power. The list is seemingly endless!

Even at present, the response by Indians to the challenge of corruption is another high-command Anna Hazare! These and many other are the reasons why we believe that we as a nation need awakening. And to us, our nation means the civilizational bouquet of Sanatana Dharma and its Hindus as its people. And we do not mean BJP's Hindutva, or even Subramanian Swamy's Hindutva.

For us the important thing is the Dharma, rather Sanatana Dharma propounded by the Rishis, and re-enunciated in the writings of Aurobino, Vivekananda and so on. It is in light of this Dharma that we need to reorganize ourselves and our nation. Our politics must emanate from Sanatana Dharma and not from Secularism or Socialism or for that matter even Democracy! It is the Freedom and Responsibility mentioned in Sanatana Dharma and a society based on competence and excellence, that are important. Individual Charity based on educated wisdom learned in the environment of Freedom and Responsibility are much much superior to State-mediated taxation-based affirmative action. Freedom to pursue truth at one's own responsibility is much much better than taxation-subsidized minority-appeasement secularism of Madrasas and Missionary Schools.

In the absence of Dharma, the efforts of BJP (in itself corrupt) to appeal to good sense of Congress are very much like Yudhishthira's offer to Duryodhana that Pandavas will settle for peace if they got even as little as five villages. BJP is nowhere close to Yuddhishthira in conduct and Congress is much much worse than Duryodhana. Thus, whatever happened in the past seems to be imminent in the future as well. A great war is coming. And we as Hindus have to be prepared for it.

And of course, Sheila will continue in her Jawani, Chidambaram in his suave poisonous ways, while Manmohan will keep playing the jackal. They won't resign. They must be thrown out, and thrown out so well that they can not return! We Hindus must forsake forgiveness for some time, at least with respect to our leadership. One mistake and they must be out of governance for life!

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