Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Don'ts for Modi

The BJP viciously betrayed its voters in three ways when it came to power at the center.

1. First, it compromised on the Ram Janmabhoomi issue:

With coalition-constraints as the excuse, BJP under the sissy leadership of AB Vajpeyi (also called Hajpeyi) dragged its feet on the Ram Temple issue. Completely forgetting that its hundred-fold gain in parliamentary strength in 1999 (to about 200) from its 1980 strength (of about 2) was mainly due to the desire among the Hindus to give a self-proclaimed Hindu-favoring party some chance. Even if the BJP compromised for the sake of coalition, it must have fought the 2004 election on its owm manifesto, however ...

2. Second, it jumped onto the Development plank prefering it over its "Hindu plank":

After enjoying power for about five years on the support of Hindus (Ram-Bhaktas), it jumped into the election fray prematurely (at the behest of the "genius" Pramod Mahajan) with India Shining as its symbol for campaign. Its leadership thought that Hindu-votes were in its pockets while others had to be attracted! Its leaders started proclaiming that the structure demolition at Ayodhya was a "sad" incident, and so on.

3. Third, it surrendered on Terror and indulged in Minority Appeasement for "broadening vote base":

Kandahar episode was the lowest point in the test of spine of the BJP which always prioded itself as the hardliner party against Islamic terror. Its capitulation during this episode completely exposed the lack of conviction in its high leadership with Jaswant escorting hardcore terrorists in exchange for hostages. Further, instead of initiating a debate on Secularism and discrediting Secularism, it started to woo minorities by proclaiming itself to be truly-secular while accusing others of pseudo-secularism.

We are not dwelling on other important issues like sacrificing Kalyan Singh for Hajpeyi's fondness for Mayawati the megalomaniac; victimising Govindacharya, and Uma Bharati at the altar of BJP high-command. It is no wonder that the party fared very very badly. And it continues to fare badly except in pockets. And beware, its improved performance anywahere is more owing to rejection of the alternative (Congress) rather than any positive feeling towards the BJP. We hope that there are some heads in the BJP who understand this and will strive towards a change.

Fortunately Mr. Modi has been somewhat different on these issues. Even though he has focused on the development of Gujarat, he has maintained a pro-Hindu image. Even though he has always been villified as "merchant of death"; he has braved it all, and has never even once apologised for it. Gujarat 2002 was a subdued reaction by non-Muslims who were provoked by the true-Muslims. True-Muslims follow the exhortation of Islam to commit atrocities against non-Muslims; this they did by burning alive hundreds of passengers including women and children in coaches of Sabarmati Express at Godhra station. what followed was a understandable reaction. Modi could have hardly prevented it. Further preventing it would be like preventing spontaneous celebration by fans after India winning the cricket-world-cup! Recently Modi refused to wear the skull cap, drawing ire from the cleric who claimed the refusal to be an insult of Islam. Further, until now, Modi is unfazed by the criticism by some of the members of the NDA (like the DF Nitish Kumar)

In our opinion, any sensible leader must guard against the follwing three follies, and Hindus must assiduously watch on these things:

1. Obfuscating truth about Islam, 2. and 3. Emphasizing Secularism and Socialism respectively. Each of this is a subversion of Hindu India. Please note that the terms "Secular" and "Socialist" were introduced by Mrs. Gandhi via the 42nd amendment and were not enshrined in the original constitution. Thus, the original constitution, which was bad enough, was worsened by Mrs. Gandhi, and then later coverted to garbage (well almost) by Rajiv Gandhi.

Coming to Modi, he MUST guard against making the following mistakes (each of which can be potentially politically suicidal)

1. Apologizing for Gujarat 2002:

The whole media, the adversaries of the BJP as well as some of BJP's DF-allies like (Nitish Kumar JD) are all hell bent upon making him apologise for Gujarat 2002. Modi must realize that even if he is viewed as someone who was responsible for Gujarat 2002, he must be proud of it and not ashamed of it. Modi must never ever apologize for Gujarat 2002. If at all he does, he must apologize to the Hindus for having thwarted their legitimate reaction.

2. Islam and Minority Appeasement:

Notwithstanding anything Modi must avoid any appeasement postures with Muslims and Islam. He must clealy understand that there may be and are moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam. And usually the best Muslims are the Least Muslims. Modi must be clear in his understanding of Islam for what it is, rather than what Secularists want everyone to believe. Appeasement of Muslims must also be avoided. Anyone who offers him a skull cap must be asked to first bow to an idol of a Hindu god as a mark of respect to one of the accepted ways of spiritual progress in Hinduism. Modi must diligently steer clear of Islam and Minority Appeasement.

3. Dilution in his pro-Hindu image:

We do not find Modi a strong pro-Hindu politician. He has been better than many, however, he has also exhibited perilous vulnerabilities (for example see here). However, at whatever level is he known to be pro-Hindu, Modi must tenaciously guard against diluting his pro-Hindu stance.

Most people now realize and believe that Modi can deliver Development and Governance-Efficiency; however Hindus want to know if he can deliver a pro-Hindu government at the center. If he strives for this end, he would not only serve his own political ambitions, he will also serve the need of the hour of our nation. With such fervent hope we wish him all the very best. We also exhort Hindus to reject secular politicians like Nitish Kumar et al. Hindus must elect pro-Hindu politicians who can also deliver development and efficiency. Politicians like Nitish Kumar who are avowedly development-centric but Secular, are poisonous for our society. Islam is much more dangerous compared to under-development! Though we need development as well to protect ourselves against Islam's military misadventures.

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  1. Can you add the link for this comment "for example see here".

    Its true, my support for BJP started to go down a4 the Gandhara fiasco & the fact that they diluted their stand on RamjanmaBhoomi. Now I don't trust BJP to be pro-Hindu at all.

    I doubt Modi will become more pro-H as he moves to national stage. That's what my problem is with Modi supporters who are also aware of Islam's danger. Yet cant seem to get a straight forward answer out of them.


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