Monday, June 18, 2012

DogVijay barks again: Mamata has been immature and erratic while he likes'em mature and erotic!

The barking dog who has lost his bite - as the results in UP assembly elections showed - has started barking again. This time the loyal (loyal to anti-Hindu Congress and its Italian-maid Sonia) dog has barked against Mamata (who is equally anti-Hindu). So what's the fight between the anti-Hindus? Has one of them turned less anti-Hindu? Not at all.

This Jawaharian illegitimate progeny thinks Mamata is immature and erratic. He said so on CNN-IBN recently. Probably like his other moral colleague, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, DogVijay wants Mamata to be mature and erotic! Notwithstanding the dog's cocksure posture we wonder if it can get its infrastructure up and going.

Even when we take a distant look at Congress - it is a misfortune if one has to take a close look at them - one conclusion emerges very clearly that Congress deserves 1984 style riots except that now the riots should be much bigger and against Congress. And barking dogs must not be spared either. Since Congressmen like it erotic - ask N D Tiwari - they will do well to seek company of their comrades, the martyred Jihadis. Of course there is a caveat, and that owing to the falsity of the promises given to Jihadis, the congressmen will be equally in lurch. Those who do not disabuse themselves must inevitably result in self-abuse!

In the mean while the NDA (Naturally Dysfunctional Alliance) has been struggling to polish its rocket. We mean the attempt to bring about a consensus within NDA to oppose the UPA candidate. Nitish is scared for his political life (scared of Modi?) and so will reveal his love for the Congress pussy, the Italian cat, anytime now. And if the BJP falls prey to consensus building trap, the game is over even before it begins.

Are these self-proclaimed Hindutva-brigade members of the BJP so pusillanimous and brain-dead that they need to support only a Kalam or a Sangma? If Kalam or Sangma want BJP's support, why do they not declare themselves to be "Hindus", even if of the Mohan Bhagwat variety? Kalam wants to contest only if he is sure to win! What mark of a great man? And this man wants to inspire and ignite young minds! And Sangma, of all his accomplishments if there are any, can recall only his being a Tribal as his reason for seeking Presidentship!

In our opinion, this presidential election must be used to initiate at least a semblance of a pro-Hindu alliance. Why not make Bala Thackeray, or even Subramanian Swamy, BJP's presidential candidate? The first president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was loathed by Jawahar for his Hindu proclivities (see for example here. And Bala can be rewarded for his remarks on the disputed structure demolition at Ayodhya, or Swamy for his article (though a weak one) on Islamic terror?

Listen BJP, RSS or whoever you are, if you are always running away from a fight, you will remain a loser! Change your outlook, fight, even if you lose, learn from your mistakes and move on. Advani began with his Rath-yatra and later Vajpeyi (and Promod Mahajan) converted it into a Haj yatra! Later Advani (along with Jaswant Singh) fell prey to Vajpeyi gene! If such DF-ery is not avoided, BJP will not get even 100 seats in the next parliament elections. RSS began in 1930's and they waited for 70 years before reaching a tally of 200 MPs, and then goofed up to reduce themselves to less than 100 for a decade. Reason? The clamor to win the hearts of minorities and anti-Hindu allies. BJP-RSS have mastered the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And if they haven't learned their lessons what else can you call them other than DFs? This is an opportune moment to make a new beginning. Make it. Otherwise leave these Hindutva pretensions and join the ranks of other political parties. For as we mentioned, 1200 years of slavery under Islamic and Christian rule seems better than 65 years of independent Secular rule! Likewise Hindus will be better off without any Hindu-party (they can at least strive to make a real one for themselves) rather than being fooled by a fake Hindu party. Don't tame Joshis and Keshubhais, rather discipline them by confrontation. Ask them to be more pro-Hindu compared to Modi or chuck them out and let them join the anti-Hindu Secular brigade.

Also make it abundantly clear that the opposition to Pranab Murkhaji (for his foolishness see here and here for example) is for his anti-Hindu political nature, and if he is seeking BJP (and Shiv Sena etc.) support he must recant his sins by disabusing himself of Mohandas and Jawahar and must pledge to be pro-Hindu, or at the very least become Hindu-neutral.

So our suggestion: Make Bala Thackeray or Subramanian Swamy as Hindu presidential candidate. Let Mamatas have Kalam or let Naveen Patnayaks have Sangma, or for that matter let Nitish Kumars have Pranab; the Hindu-front should not budge.

Even Swamy-accused-Naxals, Kejriwals and Sisodiyas have courage to question Pranab. Is BJP not even as brave as a Kejriwal or a Sisodiya?

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