Thursday, June 21, 2012

NDA's electoral loss in 2004 elections and its "Truly Secular" analysis!

Intelligent persons always attempt to learn from the past. Thus the attempt to understand from the loss in 2004 and 2009 is certainly a desirable thing.

There are certain "truly Secular" leaders in the country who think that if Modi had been dismissed post 2002 events, then NDA would have come back to power in 2004. Let us take a look:

1. This means that the "truly Secular" leaders have no moral stand. They choose everything on the basis of winnability in the elections. Therefore if they perceive that a bigger 1984-like-riot will help them win an election, they will go for it. More over, this also makes the biggest shortcoming of present Indian Democracy abundantly clear, that Democratic Governance in India is NOT about providing leadership to the peoples, it is about "winning elections".

2. Modi could have possibly been dismissed in 2002, but NOT for the reasons that the "truly Secular" are citing. The only reason for Modi's removal could have been the massacre of 250 innocent Hindus at the hands of Gujarat Police, and his failure in protecting the innocent men, women and children traveling in the Sabarmati Express who were incinerated at Godhra, burnt alive as a result of a meticulously planned and cold-bloodedly executed act by the Islam-inspired Jihadis. Incidentally the "truly Secular" leaders have been criticizing  Modi  for not apologizing to the Jihadi-sympathisers, completely disregarding the real people deserving Modi's apology . The right thing for Modi is to apologize to Hindus for his above mentioned two failures.

3. The "truly Secular" leaders think that Modi failed to uphold the "Rajdharma" a "crime" for which Atal B. Hajpeyi chided Modi. However, as we observed in a recent post, that the record of "truly Secular" leaders in upholding "Rajdharma" is not significantly better than the out-right anti-Hindu Seculars. Anti-Hindu Seculars uphold Rajdharma by massacring Sikhs (as in 1984) and Truly-Seculars uphold their Rajdharma by surrendering to Jihadis and sending them money as well as releasing their comrades. We must HATE such Rajdharma.

Many of the pseudo-Hindu leaders scream like cry-babies against what they term "vote-bank" politics. What they fail to realize is that they squander their own "vote bank", which is bigger than any vote bank that they can ever imagine, by their "truly Secular" actions.

A genuinely Hindu leadership should not shy away from the realpolitik. As in well known, the vote bank is also known by a more respectable term - "constituency". Serve your constituency and then seek their votes. Your constituency is not your keep. Deceive it and it will deceive you into oblivion. Be loyal to it and they will be loyal to you.

Further, Hindus need to be educated and made politically aware and conscious for this constituency to emerge from its slumber. Opportunistic use of slogans like "Ram Temple" and then equally capricious rejection of it in favor of a new buzzword like "Ram Rajya" will hold no water. Hindus may be lazy, they may often be unbelievably tolerant, but Hindus are not FOOLS. Respect their intelligence and you will have their blessings (and votes!).

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