Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rashid Alvi and Congress Strategy

Many people are expressing surprise that Congress spokes person Rashid Alvi has called Mulayam Singh an agent of the BJP. In fact Congress too has expressed surprise and has distanced itself from the comment, claiming that Rashid Alvi was not authorized to make any such statement on behalf of the party.

Before we go any further we would like to relate a Panchatantra like story: There used to be a fox in a jungle which was famed to be very accurate in predicting the gender of the baby which would be born to any jungle-couple. The predictions used be correct all the time! Then a rabbit decided to investigate the matter. It made a list of couples who were expecting a child birth in their families and went with each of them to the fox. On each occasion the fox said some thing, a male birth or a female birth. After the delivery, some of them were found to be different from what the fox had predicted. However the fox claimed that it might have been a slip of the tongue and it would have to rfer to its diary where it wrote the "correct" prediction. And invariably the diary would contain the "correct" prediction.

We are sure that our wise readers have guessed the plot. The fox used to make a prediction (say A) for a couple and would write the opposite (if A was male then female and vice versa) in its diary. Thus if the oral prediction came correct, the fox would get credit for correct prediction directly and otherwise it would get its credit after the diary was referred to.

Now this is any body's guess that Congress (and many parties like it) have played this foxy role for a long time. We will return to this issue later in the article again.

This statement from Alvi is to hedge against Mulayam doing a repeat U-turn to support Sangma! As we have said in an earlier post that both Cong-A and Cong-B are anti-Hindu and pro-Islam, they attach the biggest stigma to the charge of being an agent of Hindutva (however fake the Hindutva may in reality be). Note that the Cong-A gang has already started calling Nitish communal for his past association with BJP (a despicably Truly-Secular party). Thus for any member of either Cong-A or Cong-B everyone else except themselves are Hindu-agents (How much we wish that this was true!). The BJP has been branded as the permanent "communal" party, a tag that they should take pride in if they are pro-Hindu, however owing to their own pseudo-Hindu conscience they feel guilty and always strive to be Truly Secular.

However, "officially" the Congress has distanced itself from the Alvi-comment so that in the short run Mulayam is not sentimentally "hurt". If Mulayam indeed did another U-turn (however unlikely) then watch how Congress would claim (like the proverbial fox) that they always knew Mulayam was a BJP-agent!

If Congress is really serious on such matters it must either throw a person out of the party (or post) for some large period for indiscipline. However the Congress would not do it, for Alvi is a part of the strategy. Exactly like the DogVijay, the stinking mouth Manish Tewari, etc. Recall that when Abhishek Manu Singhvi was caught in camera practicing love in the premises where law is to be practiced, he "resigned" from his position and stays resigned. However the foul mouth Manish Tewari called Anna Hazare deeply drenched in corruption, but he was away for merely a few days. Similarly DogVijay called Baba Ramdev a thug (a cheat) but was never chastised, however he has been chastised for calling Mamata immature and erratic.

This shows that Congress takes getting caught indulging in promiscuity more seriously than making false allegations against common people. Please note that Congress does not take promiscuity per se very seriously. It is the getting caught which is the issue. However getting caught making horrendously evil and vile statements is no issue with the Congress.

There is one difference between the Congress and the proverbial fox though. The fox used to make a mere double game. Congress plays multi-mouth games. Thus on any matter, there will be a large number of arbitrary voices from them. If their adversary is weak, it will be bulldozed. If the adversary is smart, Congress will detach itself from arbitrarily large number of such comments, claiming that they are the personal opinions of the comment-makers. And when the truth emerges, Congress will quote that person who was closest to the emerging truth (remember that if there are 50 possibilities and 100 different people spanning all options surely a few would have exhibited the correct option), and then claim that it was right all along.

Please notice that therefore Congress always (more often than not) makes its final official statement, almost after something has happened. Recall that Manmohan spoke about four days after the Ramlila Maidan pogrom where Congress stooge-police lathi-charged and killed Rajbala.

Rashid Alvi's statements should also be seen in this light.

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