Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Few Sugestions for Modi

In our previous entry we said a lot of things in a desultory manner. In this entry we would like to collate what Modi must do if he really wants to serve his mother, Bharat Mata.

We have remarked earlier that many sincere-at-heart persons with leaning towards Hindus betray abysmal absence of intelligence. They try to begin with a virtuous heart and all end up committing sins from their heads.

If there is some benefit of the doubt that can still save the likes of the RSS, Advani, Hajpeyee, etc., it is this that they have a decent heart but an empty head. They often fail to understand Golwalkar with the heart of a Hedgewar (we mean figuratively), and therefore get their brains muddled up on issues like Mohandas, Secularism and so on.

In fact, to his credit, Advani had hit upon the idea of "majority card" when evil Rakshasas like V P Singh (and his illegitimate progeny Mulayam Singh and Lalu Yadav and likes), Congress family and the Communists were playing with the "minority card", "Dalit card", and "OBC card". This was in the late 1980's. However, Advani's clarity was like a spot on the pan, and lasted only about a decade, after which he shamelessly moved towards anti-Hindu cards of true-Secularism and so on.

Our advice to Nitin Gadkari and Sanjay Joshi is: Cleanse your addled brains, and disinfect your ideological core from infections of Mohandasianism, Jawaharism, etc. If your heart bleeds for Muslims and Christians from India, tell them the Truth and invite them back. If they do not want to come back, let them go! If you want to defeat Modi, do it by leaning further towards Hindus, not away! Let the battle be for the cause and sake of Hindus! And we mean Hindus (as in Sanatana Dharma) not Mohan Bhagwat's hindus.

First, a few reminders:

1. The other day we heard the jack-ass, Kumar Ketkar, frothing at the mouth that Modi was not a leader of all sections of society, and was representing only upper caste (read Brahmins) Hindus.

This moron is so shamelessly evil that he is willing to ignore that Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Yadav and all such buffoons represent only Muslims, Christians and anti-Hindus. He sees no problem with that, but he sees a problem with representing "upper caste Hindus". Such shit-heads must be dealt with head-on.

2. During about 1000 years of Muslim and subsequently 200 years of Muslims and Christian onslaught, India (the subcontinent) largely remained Hindu. In 1200 years, even with the help of Auranghzeb, Chenghis Khan and the likes, Muslims percentage increased from zero to about 30 in the pre-Independence India. However, post-independence, in about 65 years the Muslim percentage has increased from about 5-10 to about 25-30. So this is what "Secular" rule has done.

If the so called lower castes and Dalits were facing insurmountable problems, India would have had only "upper caste Hindus" and no "lower caste". But that is not so. In Hinduism, even the "lowest of the lowly" knows that Ishwara comes to him if he prays with an earnest heart, and he needs no Brahmin or upper caste middle-man to mediate between his prayers and Ishwara. This is the bold Truth that sages have told for centuries. Not the bull-crap of "only son of God" and "final prophet" mandating the mediation of the Church or the braying in Arabic.

In fact, while a significant portion of "upper castes" converted owing to lure and torture, a very large portion of "lower caste" remained loyal to Hinduism in spite of lure and torture. We, as Hindus, feel extremely proud of them and grateful to them for their diligent persistence with their convictions.

3. We consider the Sikh Gurus, Mahaveer Swamy and other Teerthankaras, Buddha and such to be our own. Similarly we consider Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists as our fellow travelers and even brothers. However if Sikhs, Jains or Buddhists, and/or their leaders think of themselves as separate then we should not feel obligated to accommodate them.

More over, their claims for originality should also be candidly confronted since all of these use Law of Karma, Cycle of Birth and Rebirth in their foundations which were borrowed from Sanatana Dharma.

4. Recall that even after more than a decade of abject humility to Secularism where is BJP and its dream NDA now? BJP is the pariah party against which all other political parties are united, except for a few smarter ones who use them and throw them!

Imagine what the situation would now be if BJP had stuck to its Hindu frame of mind (not the fake Hindutva agenda!) with conviction and diligence. They would have been looking at 2014 elections to form a government all on their own!

5. There are a huge number of hypocrites in India who hurl the term fascism and Nazism at even a hint of sympathy for the Hindus.

We must boldly counter them by reminding them that as Hindus we have suffered more at the hands of Islam and Church, and not at the hands of Hitler or Mussolini. And we are more concerned about protecting our Hindu interests, so we are bothered about Islam and Church.

The dumb-fuck Karan Thapar in his recent show reminded a BJP representative on his show that Hitler's party also called itself Nationalist. What this moron does not recall that from Muhammad to Aurangzeb they tortured non-Muslims in the name of Islam. Does this ass Karan Thapar have the brains to notice this?

If Lalus, Mulayams, and Thapars are so worried about Nazism and Fascism, then let them go to Pakistan and preach to their heart's content the evils of F-ism and Nazism, for these ideologies are more popular in Pakistan, which is home to their heart-throbs the Muslims!

Hindus did never persecute the Jews. Jews have been the victims of Fascism and Nazism and so they can legitimately be concerned about these.

But we must remember that Jews have not been the only victims in History. We Hindus have been horrendously massacred by the Islamic armies and Church's inquisitions. So we must be concerned about them. We are fighting for our survival (Hindu survival) so we must address threats to ourselves, that is Islam and Church and anti-Hindus.

Thus, to begin with Hindus need to be guilt-free, confident, and candid.  Now to Modi (or anyone wishing to represent the Hindus):

1. Don't be afraid to be seen as a leader of only Hindus. Rather, even if you are accused of it, be proud of that. State boldly, frankly and confidently that you are worried about the hundreds of millions of Hindus. Declare that there are already a large number of flakes who worry about Muslims, Dalits, Yadavs and so on, but none who really cares about Hindus; and so we stand for them. And declaring thus, do stand for them, the Hindus.

2. Don't deny the possible existence of Social evils amongst Hindus, but assert proudly that Hindus are capable of solving their problems on their own. Such things have happened in the past not by Secular overseeing agents but by the sages and seers within Hinduism itself.

3. On the election front, don't drool for 200+ seats with minority support, Dalit support, etc. Rather, be content even if you achieve 50-100 seats, on the Hindu support base. In the parliament, boldly fight for Hindu cause rather than eying broadening the base. Notice what Mulayam is doing for Muslims with only 30 seats! Persevere and your seats will grow from 50-100 to 300-350! Guard against the slippery ideas of attracting "minorities" to the "larger Hindu fold". If minorities do come, they must come because they perceive the Truth, and not because they have been lured by the Secular promises of protecting their Islamic and Churchean practices.

4. Let there be no defensive attitude when false comparisons with fascism and Nazism are made. For even if true, the Hindus suffered more at the hands of Islam and Church and not at the hands of Mussolini and Hitler. So we have not only the right, but also a duty to tackle our problems first, which emanate from Islam and Church.

Readers' suggestions are Welcome.


  1. Actually, I thought Modi is quite okay: His work speaks for itself, he is incorruptible, tireless, focussed, organized, clear in his objectives and has boundless courage. I think it is a bit early for him to bring Hindutva centrestage, as in education, policies etc, ; because he has just cleared his detractors and arrived at the national arena.His speeches are very clear on the Hindutva angle and relentlessly attack secularism and the rotten Kkkangress.At this point, his qualities are simply absent in other leaders.He's is, quite simply, the best we have. His China visit and its' details are on the net: the planning and execution was flawless. Google the industrialists, film stars etc lining up for a piece of Gujarat and his approachability is clearly underlined.According to some internet astrologers/ palmists, the lines on his palms indicate 10 years of PMship. Let's hope for the best!

  2. @seadog:

    You said it! Modi is "quite ok". He is "the best we have at present". If none better can be found, he indeed should become PM. Please recall that in one of our previous posts we mentioned that in-principle acceptance of Modi's candidature must be the litmus test (see here. However, notwithstanding the facts - the ones you mentioned - that Modi is hardworking, etc., he is far from what we would prefer; he needs to be much better! And there needs to be a constant pressure on him (and all politicians as well as parties) to move pro-Hindu etc.

    In our considered opinion, we are opposed to elections being fought on "development" agenda until pro-Hindu policies have been adopted; and Secularism has been comprehensively rejected. Please note that "development agenda" means that Muslims will also "develop" and then "donate" more money (and other resources) for anti-Hindu Jihad. Please note that "education" and "development" are no cure for the evils of Islam, and we really urgently need to tackle this problem.

    The issue is not whether Modi will become PM. The issue is, whether he (any PM) will have the freedom to initiate and implement Hindu cause, and most importantly ridding our nation of Secularism etc. If he (even if Modi) comes to power on NDA agenda, he will be forced to be a Hajpeyi.

    For example, would you prefer a Modi's PM-ship resting on support from Nitish, Mamata and such bleeding heart Secularists? Or would you prefer a pro-Hindu alliance (say led by Modi) with 50-100 MP's which can effectively expose and stall anti-Hindu activities by the "Secular" government? And more over which can target coming to power on its own at some future date.

    In our opinion, what is more important is, what "policies" will be followed and what the "principled stands" would be, and not which "person" will be PM. For example, in our opinion, the NDA (Hajpeyi) put the Hindutva-agenda back by about two decades, even though it did the economy (the development plank) some good.

    Please comment in the light of points raised here as well.

    On the last point, we completely agree with you and hope for the best.

    1. Ouspensky - "Let us take some event in the life of humanity. For instance, war. There is a war going on at the present moment. What does it signify? It signifies that several millions of sleeping people are trying to destroy several millions of other sleeping people. They would not do this, of course, if they were to wake up. Everything that takes place is owing to this sleep.

      "Both states of consciousness, sleep and the waking state, are equally subjective. Only by beginning to remember himself does a man really awaken. And then all surrounding life acquires for him a different aspect and a different meaning. He sees that it is the life of sleeping people, a life in sleep. All that men say, all that they do, they say and do in sleep. All this can have no value whatever. Only awakening and what leads to awakening has a value in reality.

      "How many times have I been asked here whether wars can be stopped? Certainly they can. For this it is only necessary that people should awaken. It seems a small thing. It is, however, the most difficult thing there can be because this sleep is induced and maintained by the whole of surrounding life, by all surrounding conditions.

      "How can one awaken? How can one escape this sleep? These questions are the most important, the most vital that can ever confront a man. But before this it is necessary to be convinced of the very fact of sleep. But it is possible to be convinced of this only by trying to awaken. When a man understands that he does not remember himself and that to remember himself means to awaken to some extent, and when at the same time he sees by experience how difficult it is to remember himself, he will understand that he cannot awaken simply by having the desire to do so. It can be said still more precisely that a man cannot awaken by himself.

      But if, let us say, twenty people make an agreement that whoever of them awakens first shall wake the rest, they already have some chance. Even this, however, is insufficient because all the twenty can go to sleep at the same time and dream that they are waking up. Therefore more still is necessary. They must be looked after by a man who is not asleep or who does not fall asleep as easily as they do, or who goes to sleep consciously when this is possible, when it will do no harm either to himself or to others. They must find such a man and hire him to wake them and not allow them to fall asleep again. Without this it is impossible to awaken. This is what must be understood.

    2. I am enjoying this conversation between you and sam. Wish such discussions were held on TV and in various vernacular languages for the benefit of a large number of people.

      One point. This is rather abstruse philosophy. What does it imply in the current political situation? Do people need a political awakening? What are the most sleep inducing and perpetuating political concepts? ...

  3. @seadog:

    If people are experiencing problems, they would turn around to attempting to solve their problems. However, in order to do so, right ideas are needed. Until now, generally wrong ideas have been propagated. For example: Mohandas, Jawahar etc.

    Firstly some people must realize that the said ideas are false and therefore provide wrong/unworkable/suicidal solutions.

    Secondly, those who thus realize must try to collaborate and strive to save themselves.

    Thirdly. After saving themselves they can try to save (wake up) the rest.

    A person, who is awake, is not obliged to wake all those up who are asleep. So even when he tries earnestly to wake them up, he is doing it out of love (which is voluntary and not compulsory!)

    Persons who do not want to be helped will strive towards their own destruction.

    Our assumption is that there are a large number of Hindus who realize that they need to be saved, who feel that they have been fed with wrong ideas and solutions. They may not have sufficient resources (time, access to literature and so on) to figure all this out and articulate it for themselves, but they have the most important ingredient: Willingness.

    We try to address those who are willing. When the chasm between the willing and the unwilling becomes unbridgeable, separation happens (like it did in Indo-Pak partition in 1947). We wish and hope that such is not the case among the Hindus now. But in the worst case, we MUST be prepared for such a thing. However, it is most important to rid ourselves of wrong ideas so that those who are willing now do not suffer like those who were willing in 1947 but ended up being led by Mohandas and Jawahar.

  4. Namaste!
    Surprised you actually read the Ouspensky quotation, and we also have one more reader in the bargain!
    For starters, I cannot claim actual political contacts of any kind.
    I just read between the lines, more like an armchair Hinduvaadi.
    Penetrating the labyrinths of Indian voters mind is a daunting task.
    Just read that Modi was a party functionary at the time of Pramod Mahajan and he was quiet and self-effacing then.
    The move from there, to waiting in the wings behind Keshubhai, to being thrust into the limelight , coping with Godhra and the riots , facing the worst calumny ever for 10 long years and going from strength to strength, to being in a position where he is, well, impregnable is just amazing. A leader of this calibre creates a special anxiety in the opposition.
    The reference to “sleep “ was due to the fact that such a large percentage are unreachable, and who draw their conclusions in some undecipherable way. The matter gets compounded when only 50-60% bother to vote. Eg. Arun Bhatia received only 60,000 votes in the last Pune election he contested.
    My point is: (1) Modi not implementing "Hindu" centric works/laws/agenda: He can't-- a vicious governor and a pliant president are waiting to take the initiative away. See how many problems MP is facing after Chouhan's efforts to introduce yoga. Karnataka's anti- cow slaughter bill has been blocked by Pratibha "Patil" Devsing.Modi shows growth, governance, wins 3-4 electtions in a row and then eases his way to the centre. This gives him a solid base and more purchase with his Hindu voter base, some of whom are on the fence and many of whom have all kinds of doubts.
    (2) India is in a debt trap: we HAVE to grow to survive. That also gets Modi international backing for his move towards the centre.
    (3) Any critical changes need tremendous introspection and planning : or they can backfire badly.
    Remember that the ELM was solidly in the UPA's favour throughout the NDA's tenure at the centre.
    (4) But Modi will have the RS and LS TV channels in his hands if he reaches the centre. That gives him a chance to rebut/ turn public opinion/give his side of the story/ any spin he wants.

    That is why I said : take it easy/ slow and steady wins the race.

  5. @Seadog:

    Note: The reply is long so we are splitting it as blogger is refusing to accept the reply in one go.


    Thanks for your comment. We read all comments. At present, we have no way of responding to comments immediately, so we try and do it as best as we can. But we need to do better. So our apologies for the delay(s).

    a. We wish that you soon become an armed-chair Hindutva-vadi (armed with political power that is). We assume and hope that you are willing, otherwise do become willing!

    b. Voters' minds have to be educated, and educated rightly. However often this is shirked by politicians, more so by Hindutva ones! Haven't you noticed how workers, say, from RSS will educate but Reddys will contest elections! This must end!

    c. Pramod Mahajan, however well intentioned he may have been though we doubt whether he was, allegedly precipitated an early election. That was his most foolish act besides, if that is true, fooling around with his brother's spouse. When you are in power for the 'first time', the least you do is 'complete the term'! And "strategists" in BJP do not seem to be any wiser today. Mahajan goofed in 2004 but the rest did so in 2009. And beware, they may manage the seemingly improbable (goofing again) in 2014 too!

    d. Modi has perseverance. We wish and hope that he perseveres in the best possible way for Hindus and their development. But he also needs to cultivate the right image and popularize that right image. Don't you observe that India has no "right"? Why are these "truly Secular Hindutva" politicians not allocating resources for "right media" for "right education"? Or better still Hindu-media for Hindu-education? And we mean political and economic education?

    e. As we mentioned earlier, voters need to be educated all the time. An average Hindu knows much more "philosophy" and much less "politics and economy". Thus he is swayed by sloganeering manipulators. In fact, this is one of the reasons why democracies are often inherently flawed and how populism almost always trumps wisdom. Therefore, education, and most importantly political, economic and policy education (at all levels) is very important. On this count, our politicians as well as media have not only failed, they have been poisonous. If you are not into politics, please be into media (if not both! LOL.). Voter turn out is increasing of late. We think that more voters does not mean much, it has to be more 'educated voters'. And education not in the sense of literacy and degrees, but in terms of political and economic wisdom.

  6. @Seadog

    Now on your numbered points:

    1.a. But don't you also notice the absence of "shouting" on these counts. Imagine how much our "secularists" would shout, if say, pro-homosexual-marriage-bill is pending! Hindus and Hindu politicians need to shout equally! BJP fails miserably on these counts. They are too busy mollycoddling their "secular" partners like JD(U).

    1.b. Do not live in a dream world. There is hardly any "Hindu" voter base. It is "truly-secular" voter-base. Hindu voter base is to be created! that will not go unless Hindu-confidence in rejuvenated. Hindus know enough of wrong tolerance, it is high time they learned right assertiveness.

    2. In democracies (which usually are crypto-socialism like secularism is crypto-islam and anti-Hindu in India) populism (wealth-redistribution + crony capitalism) trumps whenever there is enough money. Only brink of economic disaster forces realism. But when you get a chance you must strike HARD and not be a pussy. In our opinion, NDA (2000-2004) was pussy in this sense (2000-2004). Further, NDA is flawed. Who is convener UPA? Sonia Gandhi, a foreigner, possibly illegally in Parliament. And who is convener NDA? The secular-socialist Sharad Yadav! Does any self proclaimed Hindutva party need to grovel so much?

    3. We assume you mean English Language Media by ELM. Yes, ELM was against NDA but NDA had enough money and time (5 years) to start their own media initiatives. For example, people like YOU are there, but were you contacted? I am sure NO. The Hindutva-brigade in this sense is a cry-baby pussy. They never forsake wine (Hajpeyi) and whining (being bad losers). They forsake "we men" but never forsake women (Sanjay Joshi?). A principled, confident media initiative has been DUE for ages. Panchjanya and Organiser are NOT enough. You need your own "Goswamis" and "Sardesais".

    4. Initiatives must be taken right NOW. No need to wait for LS/RS channels! Oh, and it seems to be a good name for a Channel: "Right Now"! :-)

    5. We must have patience and perseverance, but Sir, we must never take it easy! We remember Shivraj Chauhan of Bhopal, but we must also recall Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi who "took it easy"! The enemy is much stronger than Gori then was!

    6. Slow and steady wins the race, but you must realize that the proverbial turtle was not deliberately running slow. The turtle ran as fast as it could. Modi too must run as fast as we can and also be steady! We believe that BJP-Modi are not striving (BJP never strove) to be as fast as they possibly can. They, especially the BJP, seem to lack the sense of urgency that any sane Hindu sympathizer must have.


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