Thursday, June 21, 2012

Atal Bihari Hajpeyi and his Rajdharma

The trouser seat comforter of the wind-bag (Hajpeyi), Brajesh Mishra spoke in an interview - fecal matter disgorger Lalu spoke the same - that Hajpeyi had recommended Narendra Modi's removal for his failure to follow Rajdharma.

So it is very important that we take a look at "Rajdharma" practiced by this "venerable" ex-PM. We list only a few and we are sure that there are many more. Also, we are not presenting this list in any order, chronological or otherwise.

1. Sent five HARD-CORE terrorists escorted by his minister as a gesture of surrender to get about 250 hostages released. These five have massacred more than a thousand innocent Hindus since then.

What a great feat of Rajdharma.

2. Trusted the then PM of Pakistan Nawaj Sharif (and Musharraf) and got a kick in his pants (inside his dhoti of course!) in the form of Kargil-aggression in 1998. In further display of his "astute" Rajdharma he also divulged to his Pakistani counterpart the name of the agent who was spying for India and as a result the agent was "taken out" by the Pakis!

An even greater feat of Rajdharma.

3. Was so inclusive that he got K N Govindacharya (though a fool but a fool dedicated to the party) kicked out of BJP for calling him (Hajpeyi) only the face of BJP. Compare this with Modi removing Joshi - Joshi was baying for Modi's blood! Had Modi not got him, Joshi would have got Modi! But of course, Hajpeyi, by sacking Govindacharya, established his own "tolerant", "inclusive" credentials! We are not so sure, but Hajpeyi also had a role in removal of Uma Bharti as well.

4. Sacrificed Kalyan Singh twice for his (Hajpeyi's) sister Mayawati, the vitriolic woman, who never tired of accusing BJP of being Manuwadi, and on both occasions ditched the alliance as soon as her half of the power agreement was over. [The BJP central leadership continued this tom-foolery in Karnataka, only to be ditched by another snake H D Kumaraswamy]


So next time someone tells you that the Prime Ministerial candidate must be like Hajpeyi, do ponder a while on these points as well!

By the way, Advani's Rajdharma is exmeplified by his initial rhetoric "We will make temple at the very spot Bhagwan Rama was born" (i.e. at the very site) with a U-turn "The destruction of the disputed structure was the saddest day of my life".

With such a history of "Rajdharma", the dumb-fuck Brajesh Mishra must bury his head where it deserves to be buried, in abject remorse and shame, for invoking the "Hajpeyi Rajdharma".

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