Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yeddy! Are you Ready, then become pro-Hindu? Keshubhai! Get Modi-fied?

Yeddy! Are you listening? Are you ready? Listen carefully, we asked: "are you ready?"; and not: "are you Reddy?". Keshubhai! Are you listening? Are you Modified? Listen carefully, we asked: "are you Modi-fied?" and not: "are you modified?"

The above lines summarize the dilemmas faced by BJP leaders B S Yeddiurappa and Keshubhai Patel, as well as solutions to the dilemmas. Yeddy brought Karnataka BJP to power, and Keshubhai brought Gujrat BJP to power. After that the stories diverged. Keshubhai was replaced by Modi-bhai; while Yeddy was replaced by DVS Gowda.

We are not going to discuss the administrative capabilities of the four here. We assume that barring Modi, the rest are just a dash better than Congress persons. In India, since the Law-makers "run" the government, they are always unequal to the job that they must actually be doing, that is, Law-making or Policy making. On this count, all of these jokers, like the rest of the rotten lot, are sinners and they do not even realize that they are sinners. Our Constitution itself is the Devil's manual on this count; and our politicians deem it the Holy-Book. It indeed is like other Holy-Books, we mean, the ones which originated in the middle-east. But let that be the topic for another day.

In terms of being anti-Hindu, Modi qualifies (as of now) as the least anti-Hindu amongst them. DVS Gowda is the most anti-Hindu (for DVS Gowda's version of Hindutva, see here) amongst them. Yeddy and Keshubhai have been exhibiting signs of Secularism of late. For example, Keshubhai is collaborating with Sanjay Joshi while Yeddy sang the praises of Sonia and Pranab quite recently.

The main problem with BJP ministerial aspirants is that they have stupidity entwined into their genetic helix. They climb the tree of power using the ladder of Hindus and once they are in the vicinity of fruits they kick the ladder, imagining that they will never have to climb down! They think that using the "elevator" of Secularism is more efficient and they have no need of the ladder any more. Thus, every once in a while when they "fall down", they rush to their elevator!

However, all of them miss the main point. The ladder of Hindutva and the elevator of Secularism, bot stand on the shoulders of Hindus! The former on right-hearted Hindus and the latter on wrong-minded Hindus. Hindus come in three varieties: The right-hearted: These are the grass root workers. Wrong-minded: These are anti-Hindu leaders. And, both right-hearted as well as wrong-minded: The pesudo-Hindu leaders. In terms of political strategy, therefore, it is high time that Hindus destroyed Secularism and made Sanatana Dharma both ladder and the elevator.

Hindu leaders are at liberty to fight like dogs to gain power, but they should be given no liberty to sacrifice Hindus! They should sacrifice their petty egos for Hindus; or they should be ready to be sacrificed by the Hindus.

O you stupid politicians carrying Hindu names! Don't you, even once, feel a sense of responsibility? Don't you realize that you are all like an evil 45 year old man who rapes his own mother who is 70 years old? The mother who nurtured him. If you don't see this, we earnestly wish that you all experience much worse than what you are inflicting on your mother.

Yeddy, if you want to replace Gowda, don't grovel before Sonia and Pranab. That will not lead you anywhere. In fact it will not even lead you to nowhere. Rather it will lead you to your political doom. To replace Gowda, become READY to be pro-Hindu. Challenge Gowda on his stand on Made-Snana as well as his lack of stand on Karnataka Forum for Dignity which organized the on-road day-light cow-slaughter. Ditto Keshubhai, "Josh(i) se nahin, Hosh(iyari) se kaam lo". Forget Joshi, don't oppose Modi, become more Modi-fied than Modi himself.


  1. Hmmm...I like your straight forwardness of approach!If one has to win then he has to become from good to gooder and goodest! Not boot licking the enemy! We havent learnt the lessons from the history yet!

  2. @Radhika

    Thanks for the compliment and welcome to the blog. We would appreciate your valuable comments.

    Hindus, unfortunately, too easily go on the defensive. They always accept the burden of proof, and the responsibility to be magnanimous.

    Magnanimity and Burden-taking are no doubt good qualities. However, it is stupid to be exploited. More over, at present times, we are in too dangerous a position to afford such stupidities.

    Krishna's guidance to Arjuna during Mahabharata did include the message that one must fight for Dharma, but one's Dharma should not become a tool for exploitation in the hands of the Adharmic adversary.

    Unfortunately we forgot our lessons, and then evil demagogues like Mohandas and Jawahar blindfolded us.

    Thus, as you have mentioned, we have come to a juncture where we have learn our lessons again.


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