Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shiv Sena and Nitish Kumar outcompeting each other in DF-ery!

Just in our previous post we had suggested that NDA could mull Bal Thackeray as their Presidential candidate. We turned out to be a BIG DF in this case. [Remark: This should also lay to rest any notion that we reserve the choicest word DF only for others and that we are restrained while criticizing ourselves].

Shiv Sena has established once again that, contrary to however much they may claim, they are merely Maharashtra's Shiv Sena only for Marathi Manoos and NOT Shivaji Maharaj's Sena for Hindus. In the last Presidential election too they supported Ms. Patil merely because she was from Maharashtra, and also a Marathi. We wonder what Shiv Sena would decide if Congress made Dawood Ibrahim (also from Maharashtra) their Presidential candidate. Congress is surely capable of doing this, if it can make Sonia (an italian maid) the super Prime Minister then there is nothing stopping them from making Dawood (a Jihadi-bhai) their Presidential candidate. We are sure Shiv Sena would have rejected Dawood, but not because he is a Jihadi (though they will claim so), but because he is NOT a Marathi, despite being a "Keskar"!

So this time the Marathi Manoos party is supporting a Bangali Babu ostensibly to maintain the dignity of the President's office. Their (Shiv Sena's) other obsession is "consensus". You, Shiv Sena fools, do you think you did the dignity of President's office any good by supporting Ms. Patil? If you really think so, your brains must be in your trouser seats. And this time you are doing worse by supporting Pranab. Talking of consensus, Mohandas (like the evil V P Singh) was another consensus guy! The Shiv Sena of Shivaji took guidance from Ramdas, and this Shiv Sena is now taking guidance from Mohandas!

Giving a stiff competition to Shiv Sena (in DF-ery of course) is Nitish Kumar, the new Secular Prince on the block. In a recent interview he made it amply clear that only a non-Modi (Narendra Modi) can be the candidate for PM's post. This joker wants "external forces" to remain out of Bihar, except that he wants "external money" to flow into Bihar! Mr. Nitish Kumar, you entered Maharashtra claiming you had a right to be anywhere in India, and now you think that Narendra Modi has no right to be in Bihar? Our number eleven foot! Nitish Kumar is talking secession and must be charged with sedition. Maoists want to carve out a separate nation and Nitish is going a step further, he wants to carve out a beggar state! Mr. Nitish Kumar, Bihar deserves a leader much much better than you are and you will learn this the hard way now. Bihar is the state where Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born. We mentioned in our previous post that Rajendra Babu's "Love for Hinduism" was a thorn in the eye for Jawahar. Now this stupid ass wants to become the blue eyed boy of Jawahar by becoming a Muslim-appeaser! Another fool, Sushil Modi, said that PM should be like Hajpeyi. I think this Sushil moron Modi thinks that Hajpeyi was from Bihar for his name contained "Bihari", and a gene akin to Marathi-Manoos of Shiv Sena must have kicked in!

The third big fool, Brajesh Mishra, possibly rightly said that Modi can become PM only if BJP comes to power on its own. He is confusing the issues. Possibly with only Modi (as PM-candidate) can the BJP come to power all on its own! Brajesh is an out and out Hajpeyi's back-side licker, much like Sudheendra Kulkarni being Advani's comfort, and he mentioned that there was no comparison between Modi and Hajpeyi. We wonder if this indeed is the case, for Modi himself is much like Hajpeyi. As we mentioned earlier, Modi is somewhat a Socialist and somewhat an anti-Hindu, and the only difference between him and Hajpeyi may be that he may not be as much a Socialist and an anti-Hindu as the wind-bag Hajpeyi was, but he remains quite close. However, that is not the point. The ass Brajesh Mishra thinks that it is an awful thing to be unlike Hajpeyi. Oh our sainted aunt! We think there are fools, then there are damn fools and then there are Brajesh Mishras. Mr. Mishra, mark our words, however many times people like Hajpeyi become PM of this nation, it will always be a matter of PRIDE to be unlike Hajpeyi (and Jawahar). Jawahar too was a PM of this country, so is it a good thing to be like him? What logic?

Another noteworthy point is that Hindutva is alleged to be a "upper caste" (read Brahmin) ploy. Now take a look: Jawahar (putatively Kashmiri Pandit!), Morarji Desai (Brahmin), ... Hajpeyi (Brahmin), etc.  Now, Shivanand Tiwari JD(U) ... Talking about being anti-Modi, recall Brajesh Mishra, Nitin Gadkari, Sanjay Joshi (all Brahmins)... We wonder how Hindutva is seen as a Brahmin-ploy! Rather we must suspect "Secularism" to be "Brahmin-ploy".

Notwithstanding these seemingly sad developments, we feel vindicated by these events. We have been mentioning it for a while that RSS has become the hand-maiden for all these anti-Hindus by proxy as BJP has become the  concubine for these anti-Hindu opportunists. Thus RSS slogs for BJP and then BJP kicks the RSS butt. Similarly BJP slogs for its NDA "allies" and they kick the BJP's butt. O you strategists and planners of RSS and BJP, are you listening?

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