Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Congress setting New standards of Evil Dirtiness (As always!)

As if the fecal output from Digvijay Singh and Rahul Gandhi was not enough, now the Thayee of Congress has joined the orgy! And we might as well call her Mother of all this Sh*t.

Now Congress in concert is blaming Hindu-terror, Saffron-terror for various things. As I said in the past: "Even a marginally sane person should wish that the false fears expressed by this Singh turn out to be true and those hitherto nonexistent beings somehow come to life and inflict on him in the worst possible manner that which this poisonous liar claims would have been inflicted upon the late chief of ATS.", I say it again: Hindus should not take this as an accusation, they must rather view it a clarion call, accept the challenge, and decimate the Congress, not merely politically but literally as well. I am sure that at the grass-roots level, there are gullible members who have been taken by these leaders for a ride. If they have any blood in their veins, they must revolt! The hope if not in these leaders. Any ray of hope is only in the grass-roots workers from across parties uniting for the cause of Sanatana Dharma.

As for the claim of the Congress : "Terrorism has No Religion", the less said the better. It is the Congress which considers Hindus as terrorists and Muslims as devout followers of Religion-of-Peace. For those who emote with Congress, it may be worthwhile to open their eyes and look at the truth of the-one-true-religion-of-peace!

And mind you, the thayee in the SP-BJP is mum on these rhetorical outbursts of the thayee of the Congress!

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