Saturday, December 11, 2010

Karkare and Congress General Secretary Mr. Digvijay Singh

In a recent news item, it is reported that Congress General Secretary Mr Digvijay Singh claimed that he was contacted by the then ATS chief Hemant Karkare who was later killed in the terror encounter. Mrs. Kavita, wife of the slain ATS chief, rubbished the suggestions.

It appears, or could be plausible, that Mr. Singh must have master-minded the death of Mr Karkare and now is looking for an alibi by claiming that he was called by Mr Karkare. Even if the conversation records are present with the cell-phone service provider, in view of the Congress Party and the Scam-Raja, there is no guarantee that the records have not been tampered with to suit the advantages of Congressmen.

However, this suggestion of a conversation between Mr Karkare and Mr Singh must be assiduously probed and if ambiguities are found, Mr Singh must be sent to confer with Mr Karkare to seek his pardon. Of course, Mr Karkare would give Mr Singh an appropriate treatment.

Mr. Digvijay Singh would do well if he confined himself to his duty as a Congressman to lick the backside of UPA chairperson, rather than pretending to be a smart detective, which even his angels can not become.

My heart bleeds for Mrs Kavita, who has to undergo all this ruckus being orchestrated by these imbecile clowns. If one has to be objective, it is a foregone conclusion that Mr Karkare and his team acted rather amateurishly while chasing the terrorists. The allegations that the bullet-proof jackets weren't bullet-proof is also worrisome. Those who approved the purchase must be tried for treason as well as murder, and should be sent to Al-Qaid as emissaries to promote freedom of religions!

My sincere advice for Mrs. Karkare is the following:

If she wants to be left alone in peace, it might be prudent to migrate to some western country.

If she wants to transform the Indian system, she has to make herself really strong and fight to finish against the corrupt and dumb-fuck system that Indians have made for themselves. A word of caution, she must assiduously guard against following the foot-steps of Medha Patkar, Arundhati roy, and Shobha De; unless she wants to make a life for herself in a traitorous way.

The irony in the Indian system is that while courageous women like Mrs Kavita are short-changed, foreign women like Ms Sonia are worshiped! But it is high time that common people like Mrs Kavita take up cudgels and fight the system. It is a torrid time for her. Barely has she lost her husband and she is being dragged into all this non-sense. Recall the sympathy which Sonia got after Rajiv was killed, while Kavita gets only apathy!

But Mrs Kavita, I humbly urge you to have courage and faith. It is the descendants of honest persons like you who will inherit India, and not these illegitimate off-springs, along with their backslide slurping coterie, of the Jawahar-Mohandas clan. And that's the earnest prayer to Ishwara from the heart of all right-minded Hindus.

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