Friday, December 10, 2010

Why should V Bhatt's resignation from Vijay Karnataka matter?

Vishweshwar Bhatt has resigned from the editor's post of Vijay Karnataka. And there are rumors doing the rounds!

Why should we be concerned? If Mr Bhatt has been wronged, he must come out in the open! I am also surprised that Media Syndicate considers this to be a possible conspiracy! First of all, I do not see any thing in what Mr Bhatt did that should attract a conspiratorial removal! The owners are TOI (Times of India Group), if they want to remove Mr Bhatt, they remove it, that's it! Or, if Mr Bhatt wants to leave, he just leaves! Why should we sniff conspiracy?

But there is a greater conspiracy at work against India where we do not sniff! We have got so used to it that we feel that it is perfectly normal to be in such a situation:

1. We have a Super PM (Prime Minister) who is a a foreigner, and a Christian.

2. We have a Primer Minister who is a Sikh (sick too?), and who recently goofed in Kashmir by letting separatists a bigger say!

3. We celebrate Arundhati Roy, a Christian who is anti-Indian, as a great speaker for human rights!

4. We have a President, Mrs. Patil, who recalled her statement that "veils came to India as a result of Muslim invasion", emphasizing that even our President has NO Freedom of Speech, while Arundhati Roy, and Muslim separatists enjoy all the freedoms!

5. Our major media groups are headed by non-Hindus (read anti-hindus). For example, TOI by Jains, and The Hindu by N. Ram!

The list is almost endless! Here lies a much bigger conspiracy!

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